Digital Transformation Adoption

Strategies and Platforms

Digital Transformation - Getting Started

About 30% of U.S. organizations have begun laying the foundation for digital optimization and transformation. If you are in the rest 70%, it's time to get started! (Gartner).

Learn the process of planning and implementing digital transformation solutions via an optimal approach and cutting-edge technologies.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn -

The 5 phases of an enterprise digital transformation initiative

Guidance to define digital transformation roadmap

How each phase impacts success

Digital transformation solutions and platforms for efficiencies and innovation

Digital transformation strategies to increase adoption

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FeaturedImage-Micro Apps,Macro Benefits

Case Study

Micro Fontends Third Party Logistics

FeaturedImage-Application Modernization For Improved Ux And Higher Customer Satisfaction

Case Study

Application Modernization For Improved Ux And Higher Customer Satisfaction


Emtec’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Capabilities


Integrating Enterprise System through Logic Apps

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