Infusing Empathy in Product Engineering by Creating Fulfilling Patient Experience

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In the recent years, the Healthcare industry has shifted its technology focus from following conventional methods to devising thoughtful patient-centric digital solutions. Let’s say, building ‘Patient Experience’ is at the pinnacle of healthcare goals, and technology is the key to fulfilling it. It is evident that software has become synonymous with patient touchpoints.

As the commitment to build empathy led digital solutions is on the rise, the scenario poses its own challenges such as, building a robust product that is easily integrable in the payee or provider ecosystem, uses top-of-line digital technologies, and adheres to HIPAA as well as other healthcare and patient data-related regulations.

Extended Digital Product Engineering to Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

At Emtec Digital, our product engineering experts work with HealthTech solution providers to develop advanced and custom made products that exceed patient expectations and deliver care with technology. Our technology experts enable you to resolve common challenges, deliver value and translate business vision into a tangible reality.

Digital Product Development

Build HIPAA-regulated patient-centric healthcare products

Create cloud-based HMS, chatbots for appointment scheduling and follow-ups, medical billing platforms for telehealth, web-based patient management and more

Enhance business value with modern technology

Simplify operations, save time and effort with AI and ML based features

Product Modernization

Overcome the shortcomings of conventional healthcare record systems with robust, smart, and EHR and EMR systems

Modernize and transform all legacy applications

Enhance your patients’ healthcare experience with seamless technology integrations

Product Managed Services

Avoid delays in patient care due to system downtimes

24x7 IT support for interrupted troubleshooting services

Ensure optimum performance of your teams

Focus on product enhancement with no to less downtime and regular application maintenance

Product Integration & Interoperability

Navigate through the complex technology for innovative patient assistance and care transformation

Experience seamless interaction between healthcare people, processes, technical research, development, education, and insights distribution

Data Compliance, Engineering, and Reporting

Simplify data conversion and processing, electronic document management, directory services, document digitizing, and data mining

Data management in all forms, data extraction, conversion, and governance of data sharing

Get accurate and structured data to identify patterns in patients’ medical history

Derive actionable data-driven intelligence through statistical data analytics, and real-time monitoring of patient health data

Delivering Care with a Patient-centric Product Development Process

Digitalization in healthcare has fast-tracked the need and release of modern solutions. HealthTech organizations need to address unique patient needs with empathy. It’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and leverage technology to manage and treat patients with efficiency coupled with time and cost savings.


Understand client goals, systems, and processes


Ideation stage with Emtec Digital SMEs


Scale product for exact client requirements


Provide managed services such as modernization, support, and maintenance


Create a custom plan for product modernization/development merging technical, client, and patient needs


Create, test, and run the PoC within client infrastructure to gauge the scope of improvement and minimize errors


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