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Data is king, but effective and efficient processing gives absolute power to organizations. If an organization doesn't turn enterprise data into actionable insights, there is no use for this data. A leading US pet care services provider used traditional data reporting methods but realized the need to adopt a powerful business intelligence solution to make sense of the significant quantities of digital information. Read how Emtec Digital professionals worked with the client to implement Power BI to enhance their reporting capabilities.

About the Customer

Our client is a US-based veterinary services provider. They provide pet parenthood, healthcare, daycare, and documentation services.

Business Need

The client was using conventional methodologies to store data related to customers, pets, marketing, and accounts. Reports created in the ERP and multiple internal spreadsheets had to be analyzed regularly to acquire insights, but this process involved a lot of human intervention, and the chances of error were high. They were looking for overall transformation in data storage, reporting, and visualization. And solve challenges pertaining to:

Data storage and reporting

Customer services to pet parents

Reconciliation of package and payments data

Finance-related issues of pet care centers

Team coordination

Report sharing in multiple formats across different pet care centers

Our Solution

The Emtec Digital team used Microsoft Power BI as their business intelligence software and developed a custom architecture for data processing and visualization leveraging the Azure ecosystem. The reason to deploy Power BI was that it is comparatively more flexible, user-friendly, and interactive, provides intuitive visualizations, and is more efficient than other available tools.

The data extracted using GraphQL was ingested into an Azure Blob Storage within Azure Data Factory. It was then processed through Azure Function App and modeled using Azure SQL Database & Azure Analysis Service. This foundation enabled data visualization and analytics using MS Power BI to create custom reports for every business function, stakeholder, and service.

Microsoft power bi architecture diagram

Unique Differentiators

Access-based centralized data storage

Data modeling, analytics, and visualization with MS Power BI

Safeguarding of sensitive data as mandated by HIPAA

Improved digital reporting with highly detailed data visualization

Business Impact

With the help of Power BI, the client can now easily plan to scale up the solution as per business requirements

The Azure Data Analytics Solution empowered this pet care chain to fulfill their business mission of providing the best pet care for customers


Transparency across multiple business functions

Improvement in customer service ratings

Easy business forecasting with quick availability of reports

Real-time report sharing leading to superior decision-making

Improved coordination among teams, pet care centers, and pet parents

Zero chances of error owing to no human intervention

Want to boost data reporting using advanced Power BI tools?

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