US Vet Care Chain Leverages MS Power BI for One Click Business Data Reporting




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The client is a US-based veterinary service provider. With the help of pet care specialists i.e. doctors, medical staff, pet trainers and stylists, they offer healthcare, day-care, style and documentation services. Spread across the country, they enhance pet parenthood through their special packaged services.

The day to day operations of their centers generates diverse data including – inventory, clinical, billing, hospital, lab, accounts, events & customer appointments. Reports from this data had to be generated manually.

One challenge branched into many

The client had stored data related to customers, pets, accounting, marketing, sales and more in their existing ERP system and spreadsheets. To create reports and gain insights, they needed to collate this data, create spreadsheet-based reports and make them easily accessible. The main challenge in this entire process was the extent of manual effort involved. It became difficult to get data analytics as they continued to grow and expand into additional markets. With accumulated historical data since 2013, it was clear they required a complete reporting and visualization solution to:

Reduce the duration and complexity of data storage and reporting

Provide improved & custom services to pet parents

Reconciliation of package and payments data

Gain a holistic view of the operations and finances of existing and acquired pet care centers

Download reports to PDF and share to team members across pet care centers

Improve coordination within teams across pet care centers, care providers (veterinary doctors) and pet parents

Multiple challenges, one solution

The client’s data was primarily stored in a third-party ERP system and spreadsheets. The Emtec Digital team built a custom architecture for data processing and visualization leveraging the Azure ecosystem. The data, extracted using GraphQL, was ingested into an Azure Blob Storage within Azure Data Factory. It was then processed through Azure Function App and modelled using Azure SQL Database & Azure Analysis Service. With this foundation, data visualization and analytics was enabled using MS Power BI to create custom reports for every business function, stakeholder and service.

Microsoft power bi architecture diagram

Technical benefits gained

Historical reports generated using data from Azure Data Factory and third-party ERP

Data modelling, visualization and analytics with Azure Analytics and MS Power BI

One click reporting for the desired business function

Invoice, payment and package reconciliation reporting

Web and mobile access to business and departmental reports

Secured data by implementing role-based access and MSI authentication

Sensitive data protected using encryptions in Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL databases

Business impact with Emtec Digital

Earlier, data reporting and insights consumed a large amount of manual effort and time. For department heads, it was particularly a challenge as they had to communicate individually with multiple pet care centers, gather data and then build reporting. A single report took multiple working days to complete. Now, with the combined power of Azure Factory and Data Lake, desired reports are generated with a few clicks! The business is now enjoying benefits like:

Holistic view of operations with custom dashboards

Improved transparency and visibility within business functions

Improved coordination between multiple stakeholders- internal teams, pet parents and pet care providers

Business forecasting made easy using sales, finance, customer acquisition and customer behaviour reports

Enhanced decision making and customer service based on intelligent insights gained from historical data

Time and cost savings

The Azure Data Analytics Solution empowered this Vet Care Chain to fulfil their business mission aimed at providing the best pet care for pet parents.

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