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The resources industry is at the cusp of digital transformation with a widespread global focus on alternative energy sources and concerns surrounding environment protection. Sustainability is the buzzword in the oil and gas and energy sectors, which have witnessed severe investment cuts, workforce layoffs, and project shutdowns in the last few years. The resources industry – having stayed shy of digital adoption for several decades – is now embracing automation enabled digital transformation, thereby creating vast growth potential and significant competitive edge.

The oil and gas and energy industries have long been challenged by demand-supply imbalances owing to highly complex supply chains, lack of adequate infrastructural capabilities, accessibility issues in remote locations, and stringent compliance and safety regulations. They constantly need to address the requirements of both upstream and downstream customers while optimizing costs, improving performance, and reducing the environmental footprint. Offshore digital transformation brings in newer functional capabilities, helping the industry boost production capacity while focusing on green technology to ensure sustainability.

Emtec Digital is leading this transformation in the energy & utility sector by enabling organizations to digitize operations and gain efficiencies. By working closely with industry experts, we help them adopt latest technologies while leveraging the existing investments to maximize RoI. With the help of AI and ML powered solutions, we help them automate repetitive manual tasks to boost productivity.

Contact us today to understand how you can turn your legacy systems into modern, profitable, and innovative business models through seamless connectivity between devices, equipment, assets, and resources using our analytics fueled engine.

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