Application Modernization For Improved Ux And Higher Customer Satisfaction.

The Challenge was

The client is a Global Manufacturer and Distributor of Protective Packaging used during the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing of goods. The organization, recently spun off in a divestiture, looked to quickly adopt cost-effective cloud platforms as well as modernized applications to support daily operations. During their ERP modernization efforts, they realized that their legacy custom order processing system needed to be significantly upgraded to support their needs. Their preexisting ASP based invoicing and order dispatch application, based on older logic, needed modifications to:

Speed up invoice and order processing

Accommodate process changes that have occurred over time

Reduce manual workarounds

Bring additional functionality required

Significantly upgrade the user experience and interface

Provide improved and expanded reporting capabilities

We assessed and got to Work

Emtec’s Digital Services team, leveraging our Em-Cloud Application Development Framework, completely re-architected their order processing application from the ground up. Logic was rearchitected, lost source code was recreated and restructured, and schemas were updated to boost overall application performance and optimize process flow. The code was developed in a modular structure for better re-usability and readability.

The user experience was improved by incorporating a new custom-designed theme and responsive design which utilized pagination and grids for a cleaner interface. Their reporting system, Crystal reports was updated to enable the latest features. The application was then migrated from on-premise to cloud (Azure) using an IaaS model (Virtual Machines) with connectivity back to their on-premise ERP system (Great Plains). A data migration was performed as well from on-premise to cloud SQL. As part of the engagement, Emtec also established a software development lifecycle (SDLC) process with proper Dev, QA & Staging environments (which didn’t exist before) as well as a formal QA process.

The Benefits and Results Arrived

The new, modernized application is highly optimized with simplified order processing and tracking capabilities. The organization now has better visibility of the order and invoicing process via informative dashboards and reports for better tracking as well as customer support.

The clean user interface provides a streamlined user experience with reduced clicks as compared to the legacy application. Functionality enhancements built into the re-architecture have built-in powerful efficiencies into the process (i.e. selection and processing of multiple orders/invoices).

With Emtec as its application re-engineering partner, the organization has achieved powerful efficiencies, improved user experience as well as higher overall customer satisfaction

The Client Gained

Modernized application for higher performance and efficiency

Better insight into order fulfillment process from order, goods management, order tracking and invoicing

Improved customer satisfaction

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