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Our end-to-end service portfolio redefines business transformation in the logistics industry

At Emtec Digital, we recognize the importance of technology disruption in logistics operations. Our extensive expertise in advanced technologies coupled with a firm grasp on the industry pulse helps us provide unmatched services to some of the top 10 logistics providers across the world.

Our adaptive cloud, big data analytics, mobility, and intelligent automation services for the logistics industry align technology with core business objectives to help our clients realize their long-term digital aspirations. By integrating and modernizing complex enterprise systems, we help our clients manage rising cost pressures and boost performance.


Transforming the logistics industry through advanced digital technology services

A disruptive digital future is redefining the global logistics industry, poised to reach a market valuation of US$12 Trillion by 2025. While a massive e-commerce boom pushed demand over the past year, several fundamental shifts such as regulatory changes, rapid market consolidation, and increasing supply chain complexities are altering the landscape. Emtec Digital helps third-party logistics (3PL) companies meet the increasing pressure to create newer business models, cater to evolving customer expectations, and face growing competition from digital freight platforms.

Digital acceleration is a critical growth imperative

Delivering superior solutions with speed and agility is the need of the hour, and logistics companies should transform digitally to tackle emerging threats and capitalize on new market opportunities.

Modernizing legacy enterprise systems: We help logistics companies swiftly replace monolithic enterprise legacy systems with cutting-edge, cloud-based technology architectures to eliminate data silos and garner actionable insights for informed decision making. Our advanced process automation services streamline freight operations and enhance business flexibility, velocity, scalability, and innovation.

Building a disruptive, digital-first organizational culture: Our cutting-edge technology services equip logistics companies to better compete with new-age digitally advanced platforms that have revolutionized freight logistics by ensuring self-service, faster turnaround time, enhanced cost-efficiency, and optimized inventory usage. Through our disruptive services, we help clients provide customer-focused solutions that drive ROI and create seamless, superior experiences at multiple touchpoints.

Solutioning technology innovation in logistics

The 3PL sector is on a rapid path to IT infrastructure modernization for resolving critical operational challenges such as managing peak loads and acquiring seamless access to enterprise data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The transition from people-centric services to digital technology-enabled services is crucial to ensure sustained growth and success in today’s highly competitive landscape. At Emtec Digital, we work on some of the disruptive digital technologies reimagining the future of the logistics industry.

Want to accelerate innovation in the transportation and logistics industry?

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