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Change is on the horizon for logistics companies, bringing both immense risk and opportunity. Digitally mature market entrants, rapid amazonization of the industry, and ever-evolving customer expectations are pushing CXOs to leverage data-driven intelligence to deliver superior digital experiences. To meet the growing competitive pressure and maximize ROI, companies are accelerating the adoption of technologies such as, AI/ML, data analytics, intelligent automation, and cloud to modernize monolithic enterprise legacy systems.

We take a focused engineering approach to help clients resolve day-to-day challenges threatening to dilute margins. We help clients manage rising cost pressures and boost performance by integrating and modernizing their complex enterprise systems. Our extensive expertise in advanced technologies coupled with a firm grasp on the industry pulse helps us provide unmatched services to many of the top 10 logistics companies in the world.


Critical Challenges in Building Resilient Supply Chains

Over the last few years, the transportation and logistics industry has been severely challenged on several fronts. Growing driver shortages, extremely volatile fuel costs, increasing complexities in regulatory compliance, and lack of clear visibility into the freight lifecycle have de-stabilized global supply chains. Organizations are functioning with obsolete and redundant legacy systems supported by highly manual processes, creating a vicious cycle of inefficiencies and budget overruns. These factors fuel an undeniable need for technology to deliver superior solutions with speed and agility while optimizing cost, driving efficiency, and maximizing productivity.

Delivering Enhanced Value to the T&L Industry

Emtec Digital’s comprehensive portfolio of digital services for the transportation and logistics industry is geared to achieve real-time operational visibility, core process optimization, and productivity and service level improvement. Our advanced cloud-based technology architectures help logistics companies resolve critical operational challenges to deliver superior business outcomes and boost profit margins.

Effective Management of the Freight Lifecycle


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