Leading 3PL Provider Gains Macro Benefits with Micro Frontends




$5.4 Billion


Troy, MI



Monolithic Web Application Negatively Impacting Operational Performance

One of our clients, a large global third-party logistics provider, relied heavily on their conventional web application for regular business transactions with customers. The monolithic frontend architecture posed several business and technical challenges.

Complex architecture and code

Poor scalability

Limited choice of technology

Difficulty achieving agile update cycles, testing, and maintenance

Time-consuming operations

A Robust Micro Frontend Architecture for Faster App Deployments

Considering the current complexity and challenges, the architecture team at Emtec Digital evaluated various options and proposed a micro frontend based design to break the various applications into smaller micro apps specific to the business functionality and context.

Our team assumed end-to-end ownership of the development, testing, and deployment of each micro app, leading to enhanced flexibility in terms of technology and infrastructure used. As these apps were developed individually, the test and release cycles reduced considerably, enabling faster feature deployment.


Migration to Micro Apps Resulted in Tangible Benefits for the Client