Micro Apps,

Macro Benefits



$5.4 Billion


Troy, MI




The Challenge was

Extremely difficult to scale

Complex architecture and code

Limited choice of technology

Difficult to update, test and maintain

Lengthy operations

We assessed and got to Work

Considering the current complexity and challenges for these applications, Emtec’s architecture team evaluated various options and proposed a micro frontend-based design to break the applications into smaller micro apps based on the business functionality and context. These micro apps are developed and deployed independently. Different teams have end to end ownership of each micro app, providing flexibility in terms of technology and deployment timetable. As these apps are developed separately, the test and release cycles have reduced, enabling faster feature deployment.


The Client received Outputs like

Migrating from monolithic to micro apps resulted in numerous benefits for the client

Allowed multiple feature teams to work seamlessly with end-to-end ownership of development, test & deployment

Offered ability to deploy apps without impacting other apps in the same portal

Each team has ownership of individual apps ensuring 100% test coverage

Individual micro app failure doesn’t affect other apps ensuring business continuity

Gives flexibility to teams in terms of choosing the most suitable technology and infrastructure

No dependency on the development and deployment cycles of other apps

Flexibility to quickly build and release new apps or features in response to changing business needs

Drastic reduction in testing scope

The Client Won

Modernized frontend architecture

Reduction in Dev and QA time and costs

Faster time to market

On-demand feature deployment

Improved customer confidence

The technologies that saved the day




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