Leading 3PL Provider Gains Macro Benefits with Micro Frontend Architecture




$5.4 Billion


Troy, MI

At a Glance

When it comes to complex web applications changing requirements of organizations, micro-frontend tools are the first choice that serve easier development and upgrading of applications. A split code that guarantees faster integration is more serviceable, offers simpler testing, and boosts the deployment process. Let’s explore the key strategies employed by Emtec Digital to help a leading third-party logistics provider achieve time and cost savings.

About the Customer

Our client is a leading third-party logistics services provider, largely relying on traditional web applications for business processing.

Business Need

With the world becoming increasingly digital, the client started facing technical challenges with a highly monolithic frontend architecture and was looking for a partner to solve their multiple challenges including:

Complex codes and system architecture

Poor scalability

Limited choice of technology

Difficulty achieving agile update cycles, testing, and maintenance

Time-consuming operations

Our Solution

Considering the current complexity and challenges, the architecture team at Emtec Digital evaluated various options. We proposed a micro frontend architecture-based design to break multiple applications into smaller micro apps specific to the business functionality and context.

Our team assumed end-to-end ownership of the development, testing, and deployment of each micro app, leading to enhanced flexibility in terms of technology and infrastructure used. As these apps were developed individually, the test and release cycles were reduced considerably, enabling faster feature deployment.


A Valuable Difference

70% increase YoY in product development

Micro frontends reduced time-to-market for the products introduced regularly

Unique Differentiators

Migration to Micro Apps Resulted in Tangible Benefits for the Client

No dependency on the development and deployment cycles of other apps in the same portal

100% test coverage

Business continuity guaranteed due to zero impact of individual app failure on other apps

Flexibility to quickly build and release new apps or features in response to changing business needs

Business Impact

Modernized frontend architecture

Reduction in Dev and QA time and costs

On-demand feature deployment

Improved customer confidence

The Technologies That Saved the Day

Want to learn how micro frontends can help you scale app development?

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