Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Advanced technology solutions that help you improve employee engagement levels and reduce costs by 18%*

Delivering superior digital experiences shouldn’t just be focused on your customers! Your organization can benefit immensely from delivering streamlined digital experiences for your employees as well. Tech-savvy employees are now demanding consistently rich digital experiences in their day-to-day work.

CHROs and operational leadership looking to increase employee retention and workforce productivity are making Digital Employee Experience (DEX) a priority.

A Personalized Digital Concierge To Enhance Employee Experience & Productivity

A 2020 Gartner survey indicates that 64% of HR leaders will prioritize employee experience in the next normal**

Emtec Digital’s rich technology expertise helps you create dynamic and digitally connected workplaces that leverage innovative cloud-based software solutions. Utilize our comprehensive technology services to boost employee engagement, retention, and productivity by creating superior digital experiences.

Advanced AI / ML

Increase productivity with intelligent AI-powered solutions that reduce the workload on your customer support teams

Personalized Digital Concierge

Improve employee satisfaction and efficiency by deploying AI-powered conversational chatbots

Platform Engineering

Connect with and motivate employees through advanced digital platforms that support everyday operations and increase productivity

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