Custom Data Visualization Enables Supply Chain Leader With Intelligent Business Decision-Making


Logistics & Supply Chain


$10 – $50 Million

The client is a provider of premium logistics and supply chain solutions. They are a diversified supply chain group comprising of global customers, vendors, and acquired companies.

When they had limited operations, they could easily get a detailed business overview to make informed decisions. However, with continued growth and acquisitions, the efficiency of their premium supply chain solutions was at stake. It was due to the lack of a unified enterprise reporting system. The inability to make fact-based business decisions could directly impact global stakeholders and their time-sensitive, high-value, and white-glove shipments.

The tale of trouble

The client was amid expanding its geographical reach, when they started acquiring smaller supply chain companies. These acquisitions came with their individual datasets and respective legacy systems. This made data reporting a major issue. All data records had to be standardized first. Post data standardization, the next challenge was data visualization.

There were multiple entities and humungous data but no operational overview

They had to combine data from ERP and other systems like CargoWise and Quickbooks

They needed to identify data discrepancies across entities and update data accordingly

There was continuous ingestion of new data

They required to safeguard data level security

Solution: Combine and Visualize Data

Data aggregation and visualization was the only way to derive intelligence from data across entities, divisions, customers, regions, and representatives. At Emtec Digital, our data engineers delivered a solution based on the MS Azure ecosystem. We leveraged Power BI for enhanced business intelligence. This solution pulled data from various sources and provided insights across multiple parameters.

The new solution allowed visualization of data based on desired filters. For example, the sales reports generated were categorized by branch, customer, resource, and representative quota. Other reports such as a flash report (overview across all entities), profit analysis, vendor spend, damage ratio, entity shipment reports, etc also enhanced overall operational insights. As part of data aggregation, a unique ID was assigned to individuals / resources that are involved with more than one entity to track their performance across the group.

We leveraged some advanced Power BI features to obtain a summary of various customers, departments, sales representatives, locations & divisions, charge codes, and vendor types. A provision was made to upload external data that had to be added daily through spreadsheets. It included details of overall budgets, sales representative budgets, and damage claims.


Technologies that saved the day

Azure Blob Storage
Azure Functions
Azure SQL
Angular JS

Business Impact

Achieved a single system of truth across all business units which allows customer to generate actionable insights 

Time and effort savings: manual to automated data reporting with enhanced data granularity 

The system can now analyze historical data spanning across 6 years

Able to process 3 million records every day

Intelligent decision making related to sales divisions, representatives, entities, profit analysis, performance reviews 

Appropriate compensation/rewarding for resources, regions, and customers based on performance metrics 

Ability to better forecast business operations, finances, sales, and client/vendor relations 

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