EBS – OCC Integration for a US-based Pet Industry leader.




$100M – $500M


1,000 – 5,000

The story of challenges

The client is a US-based pet industry leader dealing with pet care products & accessories sold through dealers, retail stores and online. To ensure that order and inventory data in their enterprise systems remained synchronized, the client needed integration between Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) & Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

The integration not readily available

Needed a custom solution catering to their specific needs

Crucial details of middleware – inventory, quantity, type, detail of client, product order & return request flows and more

We assessed and got to Work

Emtec’s product engineering team carried out the development and deployment of middleware that seamlessly connected their EBS with their OCC environments. A REST API was developed to fetch and sync data to ensure that the order and return request data is captured and transferred between the systems. The interaction between these 2 systems was secured through HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication) that ensured the integrity of each incoming request before accepting and processing. The Emtec team utilized an open source project to visually represent the API documentation through an interactive documentation webpage. The solution ensures that data sets between both systems are synchronized at all times to provide its sales, customer support and warehousing teams with the latest information about orders, inventories and return requests.

The Client received Outputs like

The client now has a direct integration between their commerce and ERP systems, which now shares data almost instantaneously. The new solution empowered teams with –

Reduced data discrepancies

Improved data analysis

Data- driven more efficient stock management and predictability

Increased preparedness to meet varying demands

Seamless product return process

The Client Gained

Improved inventory management

Real-time insights into orders, return requests and inventory