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Fiona Interactive is an innovative marketing agency. They conceptualize and develop websites for lifestyle solutions. These websites integrate with users’ social media and other collaborative applications.

They experienced inadequacies such as –

Limited user reach and engagement

Slow loading speed and non-responsiveness

No capability to create profiles for specific users as ‘celebrities’ who could add their favorite music, videos, shopping items, and other content to be followed’ by other members on the app

Legacy code and old UI, was unfortunately inadequate

No support for promotional, marketing, and growth strategies

Fiona Interactive also wished to extend their market from consumer-based to more B2B to promote an enterprise option for ‘white labeling’ their solution any organization’s internal use.

Situation analysis and scope of work

Emtec Digital’s enterprise mobility team evaluated both, current-state and future requirements, and then developed a highly secure, cross-platform application available on Android and iOS with features that transformed their presence into an interactive social media platform. Within the application, users can follow their favorite users i.e. ‘celebrities’ and their favorite things including clothes, music, shopping habits, places and more with the added ability to purchase these items right from the app. The mobile app now offers enhanced features including selecting recipes, booking a cab, checking the local weather forecast, scheduling meetings and more. The application, which was architected and developed with best practices in code-reusability, was also extended to add several real-life celebrities whom users can follow.

New technical features were introduced

The user interface (UI) was revamped to introduce-

Additional validations along with and user-based access authentications and notifications

Improved overall user experience

Enhancements were made to ensure it worked as expected on the newest mobile devices which may have screen notches of various sizes and shapes. A key marketing strategy was to enable in-app purchase of products shown in celebrity videos. This was achieved due to –

Showcasing a list of the items shown in the scene which are available for purchase, including links to the retail webpage

Optimized the development process leveraging AWS CodePipeline

To enable their growth into the enterprise market, the application was enhanced to allow for multiple instances and separate access by multiple organizations.

Separate databases for each organization

Database-level security to allow for personalized, customized content as set by firm’s respective administrators

Lastly, new functionality including a Chatbot (Chatbot development) and voice assistant based on Artificial Intelligence was added to provide a seamless experience irrespective of how a user wishes to engage.

The Client Gained

Amplified brand visibility and enhanced customer engagement.

Simplified business transactions increased sales conversions, contributing to revenue growth.

Application responsiveness improved by 80%.

Cost-effective development with utilization of AWS CI/CD automation.

Enhanced user interface with powerful back-end capabilities that improves marketing efforts and extends reach into new markets.

The technologies that saved the day

Angular JS
Serverless _logo
Amazon web services

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