Enterprise Integration Services

Build the backbone of innovative experiences and services


At Emtec Digital, our focus on enterprise integration increases during the software architecture phase. To deliver the best user experience, we ensure that messages, data, connectors and APIs synchronize and communicate with one another. For simple and seamless integration, our architectural mindset leans towards microservices that include modularizations and micro runtimes.

Our enterprise integration solution experts advise clients throughout the platform selection process to ensure a proper fit. The platforms of choice form the foundation of a robust solution that easily integrates data, systems and applications. The platform selection process is an exhaustive exercise with consideration to client budget, compliance needs, and SLAs. The right digital integration platform enables businesses to adapt to change with agility to scale and thrive.

This Is How We Create Success Stories

With the experience of numerous successful projects, our portfolio consists of the best practices, processes and accelerators. To ensure success in each of our projects, we follow a highly detailed enterprise integration process.


Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Many businesses wish to modernize their applications, but due to budget and other constraints continue to carry on with their legacy systems. Enterprise integration offers an alternative by maintaining the comfort and value of legacy systems with added innovation and benefits that modern solutions can provide. Organizations can pump up the pace of business-critical activities while avoiding a high price tag and the risk associated with a full lift and replace approach.

Increased ROI in data and systems by making them accessible to other teams

Increased employee productivity and response time with an integrated software environment

Better availability and easy data access to foster efficient business decisions

Modular methods to help reduce cost and enable adding/removing systems as required

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