Deliver digital delight with tailor-made cloud consulting and development

According to Gartner, the future of cloud will be driven by use cases, not technologies. These use cases help create digital experiences and define how enterprises leverage various technology platforms to support their ever-evolving business models. Enterprises often face challenges with the lack of technology prowess to assess their overall business, process and technology ecosystem and map it with the right cloud solutions.

Emtec Digital’s cloud consulting experts collaborate with relevant client stakeholders to understand their challenges, needs, and objectives and provide a comprehensive technology roadmap including cost and performance optimized cloud solutions. We enable clients to fulfil their business and technology goals with a cloud-agnostic approach to design cloud architecture taking into consideration their current technology landscape into picture. Our adaptive approach, coupled with highly robust, reliable, and scalable services empowers clients to deliver delightful customer experiences at every step of their digital transformation journey.

Cloud Development

We build highly scalable cloud-native applications from the ground up utilizing cloud services and key tenants such as Micro Frontends, Microservices, Containers, AWS Fargate, and DevOps to facilitate business growth and support a new breed of applications.

Cloud Native Application Development

Application/Database Migrations - Lift & Shift

Application Re-engineering and Re-architecture

SaaS Application Implementation

Cloud Data Analytics

Cloud Integration

DevOps Services & Solutions

DevOps, as part of a digital transformation program, increases collaboration and development frequency. Our experts help you define and implement DevOps with an iterative process to bring governance in the end-to-end CI/CD process.

Continuous Integration / Deployment

Change Management

Source Control Management

Test Automation

Release Management

Environment Provisioning

Emtec Digital Approach

Our approach to cloud consulting and implementing follows a path of matching business objectives, with the right cloud solution for a seamless adoption model. By delivering the desired business impact, we ensure fulfillment of goals such as reduced time to market, development of new cloud applications, or modernization of current applications packed with the features of modern cloud attributes.


Business Impact With Emtec Digital

We help organizations achieve digital maturity by migrating on-premise applications to a combination of public, private, and hybrid cloud. Executing a thorough cloud migration and integration assessment enhances data synchronization leading to better data storage and management. With multiple functions automated, businesses gain a competitive advantage with –

Thorough cloud migration consulting for technology, cost, and features and benefits analysis

Optimized legacy applications with new cloud-first digital solutions

Enhanced ROI on existing and upcoming IT investments

Structured transition from CapEx to OpEx

Multitenancy with rapid go-to-market strategies and execution in new digital solutions

Cloud-based innovation to build new products and services for unprecedented business growth

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