Unbiased Civic Engagement Platform Helps Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Enables Opinion-Makers to Vote on Social Issues Driving Positive Impact in the World Around Them!

The Need for a Civic Engagement Platform

A triad of politically, socially, and culturally aware citizens that hail from varied backgrounds, such as technology, design, and business, formed a not-for-profit organization with the mutual goal of fostering better interaction between government and their constituents. They reached out to us to build a digital platform which would provide access to a diverse user group and empower civic change in the following ways:


Empathy-led Platform Development to Support Important Issues

The new platform would help users discuss important issues and vote for their desired candidates for government office. Voters would also use this platform to discuss civil liberties like reproductive rights, usage of assault weapons, impact of climatic change etc.

Clearly, the new platform centered at catering people’s rights to vote and share opinions on civic needs. To build it, our team leveraged an empathy-led platform development process. We built a people-first digital product by inculcating the following solution features-


The Platform Development Journey

We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to host the technical infrastructure with additional AWS components such as LightSail and RDS to support the platform’s functions and features. With this technology stack, we brought our client’s requirements to life. The platform was developed to easily scale up to cater to the needs of a large population across counties and states. In addition to scalability, we ensured that development and maintenance of the civic engagement platform's post-go-live could be done cost-effectively.

The platform development journey comprised multiple iterations in deep collaboration with our client’s team. Each sprint provided additional functionality to the platform with software updates to enhance user interactivity and engagement. In the end, our close collaboration with the client became the key to the success of the civic engagement platform.

Fostering Transparent Civic Communication

The civic engagement platform benefitted each demographic in the following ways:


The new digital platform with its ability to encourage healthy communication between stakeholders, also provided the following benefits:

Active participation

The civic engagement platform enabled voters to participate actively in civic issues. What’s more, with ‘create issue’ and ‘vote anonymously’ features, they could voice their challenges and opinions with increased confidence. The active participation of voters and user groups with similar interests gained the eye of elected officials and media companies.

Seamless communication

The voter participation in creating and voting on civic issues significantly helped elected officials to better understand where their constituents stand on important issues. Today, voters can easily voice their opinion, track, and vote on issues, and contribute to resolving them, with direct communication.

Enhanced civic awareness and collaboration with improved decision-making

The new digital platform has brought people together and helped raise civic awareness. When citizens vote for or against a civic issue, their opinion now becomes a part of a civic data database for elected officials. Officials can now better understand voter sentiment which helps them better prioritize and resolve civic issues.

Elected Officials Resolve Civic Challenges Faster and Better

The access and accuracy to voter data is now helping officials resolve community challenges and gain the following advantages:

Deeper connection with citizens by addressing campaign-specific issues

Elected officials can track the progress on a particular civic issue and ensure follow-up activities

Enhanced voter experience with an interactive and engaging model increases voter engagement

Digitally Enabling Citizens and Officials’ Participation in Democratic Issues

It began with individuals wishing to fuel social change. Today, this vision is a reality. Our journey as their trusted partner does not end here. We are currently working to improve and upgrade this civic platform to further increase voter participation on democratic issues.

Our team is immensely proud to be an integral part of this project to create a sustainable and unbiased platform for voters and elected officials to combat civic issues and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Technologies That Saved the Day

Angular JS
AWS LightSail

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