Intelligent Automation

Infuse intelligence into enterprise technology to drive digital transformation

Automation is the industry buzzword today. Organizations are leaning heavily on newer deployment models based on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Cognitive Computing, and Robotic Process Automation to revolutionize human-to-machine interactions and build a digital workforce. Intelligent process automation across the enterprise is a key enabler in boosting productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Emtec’s intelligent automation services deliver dynamic workflows that combine robotics, cognitive engines, Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence to drive enterprise-wide business transformation. We work closely with clients to evaluate organizational technology and process readiness; and build a comprehensive technology strategy that unlocks maximum value from existing platform automation deployments.

Rule-Based Prototypes

Advanced AI Accelerators

Results-Driven Analytics Algorithms

User-Centric System Integration Protocols


The Emtec Digital Advantage

Our intelligent automation solution suite helps organizations address critical business process and operational challenges cost-effectively, while optimizing the performance of existing technology platforms with more control and less risk. Clients derive tangible benefits from the entire gamut of our intelligent automation offerings and our consulting services to achieve more agility and innovation in core business functions.

Advanced technology frameworks for infrastructure automation

Process-driven approach to hyperautomation

Sustainable, scalable solution set

Deep domain and industry expertise

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