Automation as a Service

Kickstart your RPA journey with us

The global RPA market is projected to grow from $1.61 billion in 2021 to $7.64 billion in 2028. Surely, the features and benefits of RPA are lucrative. However, setting up an RPA Center of Excellence comes with an array of challenges:

Choosing the right processes to automate

Technical and infrastructure preparation

Investments in licenses, tools, and skills

Creation of sustainable automation strategies and models

Identifying and evaluating metrics

Bot development, deployment, integration, maintenance and support

Let Emtec Digital help reduce your effort and optimize your investments to attain your automation goals via our subscription-based RPA and related managed services.

We kickstart your automation journey by conducting the initial research, formulating an appropriate strategy, and eliminating investments in infrastructure and resources while accelerating RPA adoption. Our Automation as a Service offers complete flexibility and multiple subscription options.

Automation as a Service

Simplified, Transparent and Hassle-free Automation

Just like every other technology project, process automation and its maintenance demands a ton of effort. Here’s where our flexible engagement model can help - choose the subscription that best suits your needs now and scale the number of bots/processes managed over time. Gain hassle-free and seamless bot integration with optimized performance - and a tangible ROI. Our flexible subscription packages include bot development, deployment, and maintenance, and the cost of procuring RPA licenses, infrastructure, tools, resources, skills, databases, and operating systems.


Customize your Automation Journey

Your automation needs will depend on your organization’s automation maturity, as well as the nature of your business processes which need automation. Whether you want to implement automation from scratch, or need post-implementation bot maintenance, we can support you. Our end-to-end spectrum of automation services reduces the stress on your internal team while ensuring a consistent automation journey with a high ROI.


The Emtec Digital Advantage

As research indicates, 50% of RPA projects fail. But yours don’t have to! Rethink your automation journey or begin anew with our "Automation as a Service" engagement model. Benefit from our RPA expertise and experience and enjoy the following features -

No internal RPA skill investments required to initiate your process automation journey

No CAPEX and licensing costs

No hidden costs to develop, deploy, maintain, or optimize bots

24x7 availability of technical bot support, maintenance, and optimization

High flexibility of bot development and deployment to meet your strategic enterprise automation objectives

Migrate bots to your own infrastructure at any point

Security strategies to safeguard your business data with the latest security standards and minimize risk of data leaks

Focus on high-value tasks while we manage your RPA portfolio

Automate your mundane, day-to-day business processes and transfer the burden off your human workforce to a digital workforce

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