Digital Bank saves $100k annually with RPA bots

Leverages intelligent automation to improve the quality, speed, and productivity of its garnishment process




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Our client is a digital-only bank built at the cusp of technological advancement and banking expertise. Their web and mobile applications serve customers with premium banking services. As a bank with no physical branches, our client’s aim is to ensure their customers always have a positive digital experience through consistent and high-quality technical upgrades.


The digital bank receives 1000+ physical garnishments every month from all US states. Garnishments are received in the mailroom to be processed later

A mailroom agent manually scans the physical garnishment letters and sends an email to create a ticket for every garnishment request to process them within internal systems

The tickets contain customer data such as SSN, bank account number, name, case ID, etc. Agents validate the bank account details and then proceed with processing

Agents select appropriate checkboxes in garnishments and physically return them to the state government



Emtec Digital’s garnishment automation streamlines the process by reading emails with garnishment notices (PDFs) and utilizing intelligent document automation to extract the relevant details for processing. Data extracted from the notices are utilized to update backend systems per state & federal rules. A confirmation report is then sent to the appropriate individuals. Here’s how it was achieved -

Developed and deployed an RPA solution to read emails and download scanned garnishment PDFs

Trained UiPath OCR to extract relevant details from PDFs for further processing

Leveraged backend automation using APIs from internal enterprise applications and service desk for faster processing

Business Benefits

Reduced risk of error in data entry and ticket creation improves process quality

Reduced bottlenecks in ticket creation

Increased ability to focus on value-generating tasks

Reduced risk of missing garnishments and receiving penalties

Improved adherence to policies and compliance

Simplified process scaling with minimal errors

Value Generated


Technology Stack

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