Conversational Bots

The digital concierge to simplify communications and actions for your users

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact through conversational platforms on a daily basis. Our custom chatbot implementation services enable your employees and/or customers to seamlessly engage with your organization. Chat responses are automatically sourced from your knowledge bases, policies, and manuals and delivered using NLP for a human-like conversation. Let’s look at the use cases where chatbots can revolutionize your user interactions.

Conversational bots for HR

We help companies to deploy digital assistants, and connect data across multiple HR systems, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of communication with employees.

Benefits Features and Functions
Simplify HR Tasks like-
  • Employee onboarding, offboarding and retention
  • Time and absence management
  • Employee Policies, manuals, and more
The conversational bot acts as a digital concierge to help streamline and manage your HR business processes and systems of record.
Reduce cost and workload of HR Self-help mechanism for employees to submit query for leaves, medical records, timesheets, project duration and tasks, approvals etc. reduces both the cost and workload of your HR team.
Extend communication across desired channels HR leaders can leverage bots to ensure 24x7 availability, instant communication, data transfer/sync with MS Teams, Slack, Direct Line, Web and other social media applications.
Enable interactive experiences Bots allow employees to conduct HR-specific activities (apply for leaves, submit bills, fill timesheets) on one-click and save the hassle of logging into multiple systems and platforms.
Achieve cost and savings NLP allows bots to mimic human-like mannerisms while communicating which provides relevant data by accessing multiple systems of records at once, leading to the establishment of an automated HR help desk.

Conversational bots for Customer Support

We empower businesses with rich digital customer experiences by deploying bots which ensure seamless and 24x7 communication, rapid query resolution that focuses on effortless conversation with reduced language barriers.

Benefits Features and Functions
Improve customer satisfaction Conversational bot acts as a digital concierge to enhance customer support experience and internal processes with -
  • Rapid query/ticket resolution
  • Reduced wait times
  • Less dependency on human interaction
Enhance transparency Data engineering automates customer-centric processes by accessing multiple systems of record to provide customers with accurate data quickly.
Improve customer loyalty with personalized experience Bots save and analyze customer history which helps them recommend similar products/services, enhance customer experience which in turn helps attain customer loyalty.
Increase business revenue Automated lead generation using up-selling and cross-selling features as system prompts users to buy products/services based on their past purchases and also predict future customer behavior.
Reduce cost of personnel training and retention By replacing human executives with bots, they ensure to cover the following aspects -
  • Customer intent
  • Simplified interactions
  • Reduced language barriers
  • Widespread data systems and documents

Types of bots we deploy

Rule-based Bots
  • Recommended for new users
  • Respond efficiently to pre-determined rules
  • Simple to design, develop and implement
  • Train your bot to answer common user queries
  • Train the bot with synonyms and multiple ways to ask the same question
  • The more you train, the smarter they become
QnA / FAQ bots
  • Designed to answer product/service-related questions using existing structured or unstructured data
  • Customers can type or talk, and the bots leverage NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the intent and respond appropriately
  • Integrate with corporate website or social media platforms for 24×7 availability
Enterprise Bots
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing HCM, CRM and other systems
  • Can access and utilize data from multiple systems to provide users with accurate information
  • Can assist employees and customers with organizational policies, payroll and taxes information, or support

The Emtec Digital Approach


The Emtec Digital Advantage

Our Intelligent Automation experts take clients' unique business needs such as enhancing customer interactions, automating repetitive tasks, saving costs and effort, building a digital concierge etc. and develop powerful solutions that meet their aspirations bringing improved operational productivity.

Give voice instructions to perform searches, ping databases, and answer questions

Make transactions such as shopping, bill payments easier

Improve work productivity by saving hours of your employees

Enable domestic devices and appliances to be cloud-connected and integrated with speech and text interaction capabilities to provide a seamless user experience

Customize voice assistant services leveraging SDKs and APIs to empower clients to embed these innovative features into their solutions

Leverage NLP with voice assistants to help customers request information on an order, assist them with product options while shopping, help them make an appointment and more

Looking to modernize your digital user experience with Chatbots?

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