Enterprise CRM Consulting

Leverage existing customer data to drive insightful marketing campaigns and boost sales

Application Development

At Emtec Digital, we provide advisory services to develop a 360° Enterprise Solutions Strategy and Implementation plan. CRM applications are critical tools to enable sales and marketing departments to store customer data and derive actionable insights from it. Our CRM Experts analyze your business needs and map it with the relevant technology platform to fulfill your digital goals. We provide consulting for CRM solution development using –

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Mobile Platform


The power of a CRM solution is not fully leveraged until you employ analytics to derive real value. This data (budgeting, sales per customer, product/service ROI and more), when analyzed and extracted, drives highly effective marketing campaigns and sales pitches. Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce Analytics Cloud™, you can harness data and trends to match supply, to meet forecasted demand, strategize sales and marketing activities, and enhance customer service. Our CRM Analytics consulting service helps organizations with predictive analytics to enable data-driven business decisions.

Relevant and Insightful Dashboards Enable Sales & Marketing Task Management

Sales Insights Help Plan Cross-functional Activities

Mobile-first Integration to make Decisions On-the-go


Our advisory services extend well beyond a CRM Solution implementation. With User Help Desk Support, we ensure new solutions integrate seamlessly with teams and help you plan business activities. Our CRM Consultants empower organizations with –

Administration, Customizations and New Functionality

Remote, On-site, or Onshore/Offshore Hybrid Support

This Is How We Create Success Stories


Business Impact With Emtec Digital

A seamless link between customer service, sales and marketing is critical to revenue generation. It’s time to integrate CRM data into every organizational function that helps set targets, execute sales and marketing activities, plan resource allocation and more. Enterprise CRM solutions empower businesses to become self-reliant in their data capabilities and enable avenues for efficiency.

Provide relevant and insightful data to employees

Enable data-driven business decisions and actions to boost productivity

Enhance customer service

Increase revenue generation with untapped opportunities

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