Deliver key insights 100X faster at a fraction of the cost

For most organizations, data warehouses are more critical than ever. Consolidating information from many operational and transactional sources into a single resource for business-critical, responsive queries is key to responding in today’s competitive market.

However, existing data warehouses can no longer keep up. They are too inflexible, hard to scale, expensive, and require many resources to manage. As a result, organizations are looking for a modern approach: queries that run in seconds instead of minutes or hours, support for real-time analytics, management simplicity, and a data warehouse that can be deployed anywhere – on premise or in public clouds.


Emtec Digital and Yellowbrick partner to deliver the only modern data warehouse

Enterprises are fast moving towards a hybrid cloud strategy as part of their digital transformation initiatives. Emtec Digital – a Yellowbrick technology partner – can help you implement a hybrid cloud data warehouse solution to support your analytics journey with full deployment flexibility. All our implementations are backed by our expertise in data engineering, data governance, public cloud integration, and managed services and support.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is a modern, standards based MPP analytic database that shatters ceilings on price/performance, achieving 100X performance versus legacy alternatives at a fraction of their cost. With its unified hybrid cloud architecture, applications can be deployed anywhere with the same data and performance, de-risking cloud migrations and unlocking multi-cloud innovation.

Get 100X performance

Yellowbrick beats legacy platforms, SQL-on-Hadoop query engines, and cloud-only options on performance by 10X-100X, unlocking ad hoc analytics for thousands of users

Deploy anywhere

Only Yellowbrick gives you the flexibility to deploy apps anywhere (on-premise and/or public clouds), with the same data and performance everywhere

Reduce costs

Yellowbrick generally costs 1/5th of alternatives and fixed cost annual subscriptions offer budget certainty

Experience unlimited power of the Yellowbrick cloud data warehouse.

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