Enterprise Data Lake Solutions

Leverage your data assets to build a foundation for an Intelligent Enterprise

Data Lake Strategy

Data Lakes are the central repository for data and can collect and store data from myriad sources. At Emtec Digital, our engineers create winning data lake strategies that serve evolving business needs. We help overcome the challenges of legacy systems with a sophisticated, scalable and secure data lake solutions.

Data Collection and Storage

Data Lake Foundation

Data Democratization

Platform Strategy & Architecture

Data is the driving force of all businesses today. For most organizations, it is a daunting task to select and implement the right combination of platforms based on data characteristics, data processing and reporting and data insights. Emtec Digital works with clients to understand the entire data ecosystem and recommend the right building blocks that comprise the platform architecture. With our expertise in data governance and management, we are the trusted platform consulting and implementation partner to provide enterprise data strategy that you can rely on.

Data Governance

Data Infrastructure

Data Services

Data Insights

Data Streaming and Processing

End-to-end Data Solutions

Building and maintaining highly scalable Data Lake solutions is critical for enterprise data strategy. This also needs to align well with the existing investments in both on-premise and cloud systems. With ever-increasing data volume, structure and sources, enterprises need to have a well-thought-out and extensible data acquisition strategy. At Emtec Digital, we empower clients through their data lake journey, from strategy, implementation, analytics, modernization, support and maintenance.

Enterprise Data Lake Implementation & Management

Data Lake Optimization

Data Lake Modernization

Data Infrastructure Platform

Data Access Authorization and Authentication

Databricks and Streaming

Multi-cloud Solutions

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Business Impact With Emtec Digital

In today’s dynamic market, businesses need industry-centric, scalable data solutions leveraging the latest data analytics tools to stay ahead of the competition. Emtec Digital guides businesses through their digital enrichment journey with end-to-end Enterprise Data Lake offerings.

Resolving technical challenges of legacy systems

Enable real-time data movement

Enterprise-wide democratization of data

Enhanced data visibility and tracing

Quick and accurate insights for data-driven decision making

Improved capacity planning and scalability

Expand business opportunities with actionable intelligence

Build Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence abilities


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