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‘The Media Agency’ is an innovative marketing agency. Their digital solutions enable small and medium-sized businesses to enrich and enhance services on web and mobile platforms. One of their digital solutions, a white-label mobile application was designed to help their clients -

Gain and maintain a loyal user base

Increase product and/or service sales

Integrate third-party services such as payment gateways, content creation, content promotion, and more

Reinvent business models with digital innovation

Attain a global reach

Here’s how the Media Agency partnered with Emtec Digital to create this multiservice digital ecosystem.

Cloud-first mobile application that supports multiservice features, integrates with third-party applications, and generates increased user engagement

The Media Agency collaborated with Emtec Digital to leverage our technical expertise to custom-build their white-label application. The mobile application was designed with multiple features and functionalities to attract and engage users. By centralizing services such as video streaming, account management, payment processing, and CRM systems, we enriched the product with multiservice features.


Powered by AWS, the platform provides users with the following services - 

Simplified subscription management

Creation and broadcast of classes and courses available by specialists and trainers

Functionality to search, book, schedule, pay, attend, and manage fitness programs

Automated reminders and notifications to clients

Admin panel access for users to create and upload content, change themes, process payments, and auto-update without impacting the base code

Ability to deliver content as an artist/content creator and make online connections

Diverse virtual experiences facilitated in one platform

Ability to create communities of like-minded individuals and stay connected via Zoom

Integration with Shopify for merchandise sales and purchases

Enhanced visibility into past and upcoming programs

Soon after the application was designed and delivered, a fitness center engaged with ‘The Media Agency’ to implement the application to create and grow their fitness-focused community. The application’s robust features provided the following technical benefits -

A robust, scalable, and extendable AWS cloud platform and native services

Support of dynamic content based on user profile/demographics

Easy access to the mobile application via the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore

Combination of native and hybrid code integrations

Flexibility to tweak and apply business logic workarounds per third-party app behavior

Progress reports with drafts and reviews of the earlier application versions

Minimal to no development and maintenance required to add/edit mobile app features

Business Impact

Leveraging the Media Agency’s white-label application, the fitness center modernized its business and client engagement model for the following benefits -

Mobile-first platform that increases their reach

Simplified, hassle-free, mobile-based user experience

Quick onboarding of new users

Repeated and frequent application use has increased customer subscription revenue

Significant savings in time, cost, and effort when launching innovative platform

Today, the Media Agency is evaluating a potential expansion of its white-label mobile application to support additional communities across travel, lifestyle, beauty, healthcare, fashion, art, entertainment, and more.

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