3PL leader accelerates DevOps by adopting

Shift Left Approach with Tosca


Logistics and Supply Chain


$1.2 Billion

The client is a leading global 3PL provider headquartered in the US, experiencing unprecedented growth. Their intelligent supply chain solutions cater to shippers and carriers, leveraging a centralized marketplace for truckload, LTL, intermodal, and other capacity needs. 

To manage a network of 75,000 assets, 70,000 carriers, 14,000 shippers, and 10,000+ daily loads, this 3PL leader depends on omnichannel digital solutions that required constant upkeep and upgrades. They needed an automation solution to reduce the time spent on software development, testing, and release cycles for faster time to market to meet customer demands. Performing end-to-end testing across their mobile, windows, and web applications using their existing tool stack posed significant challenges to their in-house team.

Challenge: Limited Test Automation, Significant Effort

The client’s technical team consists of software development, testing, and release engineers. The legacy quality assurance (QA) and testing tools offered ease of use. Still, they were limited in their ability to test across different types of applications and ramp up or enhance production cycles.

The main application testing challenges were - 

Inability to achieve full test coverage due to limited tool features (only 60%-65% test coverage attained)

Additional maintenance support required to write, execute, and manage test scripts

Manual and time-consuming process to create and maintain test frameworks

Lack of testing scalability

Minimal customization capabilities offered in current testing tool

Challenging to test across a variety of platforms

Limited scope of new feature development

Lingering risk of slow DevOps cycles

Solution: Efficiency in Application Testing

With their primary objective of speeding up test creation and execution, and reducing testing cycles, Emtec Digital’s team of software quality engineers considered replacing their legacy testing tool. After a careful evaluation of the client’s application landscape, their testing requirements against testing tool functionalities, Tricentis Tosca was chosen.  The Emtec Digital team then converted their old test scripts onto the Tosca platform and wrote new test scripts to ensure full test coverage. The team also created custom plugins to generate the test data required for test cases.

The overview of the Tosca workflow utilized is depicted below.

Tosca Workflow

Technical Benefits: Faster Testing, Better Performance

The Tosca-enabled automation solution now identifies bugs, defects, and anomalies early in the development cycle, significantly reducing development time. With more stability and automation in testing workflows, the IT team now has more time to focus on performance, mobile, and backward compatibility testing. The other technical benefits realized include:

~90% reduction in manual testing

Automation of business-critical, end-to-end test cases/workflows

Early bug detection resulting in a faster, more cost-effective DevOps cycle

100% automation and 73% time savings achieved with smoke tests

Faster, more frequent, and high-quality production releases

Significant reduction in application maintenance frequency

Business Impact: Fewer Defects, More User Satisfaction

The addition of new testing tools accelerated their application development & release cycles, leading to superior performance with speed and agility. Test automation effectively replaced repetitive and manual testing tasks, and allowed quality checks to be conducted in tandem with product development. 

The client gained value-added business benefits such as - 

Time and cost-effective production cycles

Early identification of bugs with shift left approach and reduced risk of application failure

Richer user experience with high-performance and increased functionality

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Shift Left Testing Approach for 3PL Client​ | Emtec Digital


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