Leading Logistics and Supply Chain Provider scales RPA initiatives with Emtec Digital ROC


Logistics and Supply Chain


$1.2 Billion

Here’s how it was before

The client is a young and rapidly growing provider of premium Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions. Headquartered in the US, their operations are spread across North America and Europe. The brand is famous for the timely and safe delivery of shipments. However, they were challenged with an over-abundance of complex, time consuming manual processes.

Technical and Business Goals

Fast deployment of bots to staging and production environment after carrying out relevant security scans and smoke tests

Reduce time, effort and resources involved in routine manual activities

Continuous updates of multiple parameters including time and absences in transport management systems

Improve customer communications and engagement

Engage customers with all-digital multi-channel interactions

Solution: Robotic Operations Center for Logistics and Supply Chain

The client chose to partner with Emtec Digital for our multifaceted and advanced intelligent automation skills and proven experience to effectively scale their enterprise RPA initiatives. Our intelligent automation experts continue to address numerous RPA bot deployment and maintenance challenges through a wide spectrum of ROC service to realize the client’s automation goals.

ROC Services provided


Technical Benefits gained

With the help of the ROC, the client significantly improved the speed, stability, performance, and productivity of all their deployed bots, thereby enhancing multiple business processes. It also provided the client with the skills needed to monitor, manage, and adjust their bots when required.

Ability to conduct periodic reviews of bot utilization metrics and optimization recommendations

Comprehensive dashboard for all bot functions and performance

Resolved enterprise automation challenges with improved supervision and control

Increased confidence in process automation with a greater number of bots

Business Impact

Emtec Digital’s ROC services helped improve the efficiency, accuracy and performance of bots and the business processes they supported.

Better utilization of client’s team allowing them to focus on strategic automation initiatives

Bot downtime reduced by 83%

Optimized infrastructure usage

Insights to analyze ROI

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