19 Most Popular Blogs of 2019

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Shweta Joshi

January 6, 2020

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Most Popular Blogs from 2019

2019 has been a great year! Over the past 12 months our subject matter experts have created a wide array of thought leadership across numerous innovative IT topics, hot new technologies, as well as educational overviews, how-to’s and guides to help you implement these solutions effectively within your organizations. We couldn’t be more excited to share (in no particular order) the most popular articles this year. Enjoy!

  1. Why Microsoft Power BI: Introduction, Features, Benefits and Costs: A detailed overview of Microsoft’s Power BI, illustrating the value it can deliver, with illustrative pricing and use cases to help those who are evaluating toolsets and their BI journey. As always, it is important to evaluate each tool’s functionality, integration capabilities and costs against your specific goals and budget before making an investment.
  2. Big Data Series – The Data Value Chain and Obtaining Business Value: Learn more about data value chain, a conceptual framework utilized in data science that describes where data sources are identified, ingested, processed, stored, analyzed and finally utilized by enterprises to add value. By intersecting data with analytics, it can be transformed into powerful and actionable intelligence that can unify disparate business practices and empower decision makers.
  3. UI Design Factors that Improve User Experience: There are many factors in a website that can impact the user experience both from a design as well as a technical perspective. This blog gives a pictographic overview and thoroughly explains some of the most common factors that directly impact the user experience.

    Fun Fact – ESPN.com revenues jumped 35% after they listened to their community and incorporated suggestions into their homepage redesign. Source

  4. Accelerate Search in .NET Applications with Elasticsearch: Have you ever experienced long delays while searching for a product on an ecommerce website? Searching for products or services is the most critical functionality for any e-commerce application. Learn how to accelerate Search in .NET Applications with Elasticsearch.
  5. Improving Patient Management Through Intelligent Automation – Use Cases: By 2050, the world population is anticipated to be ~ 9 billion, of which 2 billion will be above 60 years. With strong population growth and a high percentage of an aging population – the focus and need for healthcare services will only increase. This blog highlights how the Healthcare industry is leveraging Intelligent automation for more streamlined patient management and better care.
  6. 5 Famous AI / ML Myths — Dig in for the Debunk!: AI has faced unrealistic expectations, but it has flourished now that technologists have realized its true potential. It is bringing about a better world vs. a threat to our way of life, as perceived by some. Gain a deeper understanding about AI and the myths related to it.

    AI is all around us!
    While we debate on the positives and negatives of it, we use AI every day – even when we don’t recognize it. My personal Alexa understands me well enough to remind me to call my parents in the morning, play my favorite song while I cook, or book a table at my favorite restaurant on Christmas eve.

  7. 5 Reasons Why Continuous Testing is Important: Continuous Testing (CT), is the repetitive process of testing in a continuous manner to deliver superior quality applications and software. A key activity for product owners in providing innovative digital experiences in every software and product release. Read the top 5 reasons why businesses should adopt continuous testing.
  8. Data Migration Made Easy with Incremental Data Load: Most businesses, especially those who weren’t born-digital, still have an enterprise applications stack that contains legacy systems undergoing transformation, either through legacy application modernization or completely migrating to newer and more powerful solutions. This technical write-up will help you understand how Incremental data load can help in easing data migration.
  9. Conversational Commerce in Digital Era and its Impact on e-Commerce Businesses: Gone are the days of traveling to multiple stores to compare and price shop. Everything is now available in an instant from the comfort of your home with a few clicks. With conversational commerce, brands can connect with their customers on a more personal level via chat or messaging apps with natural language interaction. Learn how it is creating a powerful impact on e-Commerce businesses.
  10. How Retail is driving Digital Transformation through Intelligent Automation: Intelligent automation brings efficiency to the entire retail product life-cycle: transforming it into a faster, cost competitive, error-free, regulatory compliant, and secure process with high availability and traceability. This blog highlights some interesting case studies of retail players who have adopted digital transformation in a big way.

    How cool is that!
    Walmart’s Mobile App chatbot “Jetblack” provides a personal shopping service where customers can order via a messaging style interface with voice capabilities. When a user tells their virtual personal shopper Jetblack, “Hey J, we need a birthday gift for a five-year old who loves puzzles”, it eagerly responds, “Gift wrapped and delivered!”. Source

  11. Four Technology Trends leveraged by the Hospitality Industry for Digital Transformation: What technologies and digital trends are at the top of the list for hospitality firms? We highlight 4 technologies which are influencing industry operations and advancing customer service.
  12. How to Accelerate Search Functionality with Real time sync of DynamoDB and Elasticsearch: This article was most liked by our techie reader base. Walk through the approach our team took to set up a real-time sync between DynamoDB and Elasticseach to address search function performance issues.
  13. How Digital Transformation Helps Sales Leaders Drive Growth: Are you among top sales leaders who wish to adopt digital transformation technologies to revolutionize sales process, take advantage of market dynamics, and ensure they are future-ready? Read why you need a digital-driven, tech-savvy, and sometimes, disruptive, approach in sales strategies and tools.

    Belong Anywhere!
    Airbnb is the first digital-only company which has contributed to a massive change in lodging markets through digital transformation and by creating a new virtual trust between local hosts and visitors. The company is predicting rapid growth with targeted revenue of $3 Billion by 2020 and their revenue grew 50% last quarter with about $1 billion in growth. Source

  14. SonarQube Integration with Azure AD: SonarQube is an open-source platform used for static code analysis to detect code smells, bugs, and security vulnerabilities. Read this technical blog to learn the steps needed to integrate SonarQube and Azure AD.
  15. The Power of IoT (Part 2) – Critical Functionality Offered by IoT Service Providers: IoT is playing a key role in revolutionizing our lives. In part 2 of our IoT series, learn more about the critical functionality needed for a successful IoT endeavor and how the major IoT services (Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM) providers compare.
  16. Big Data Series – Leveraging Historical Data for Better Decision Making: Many new platforms have emerged as part of Intelligent Automation, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation — expanding opportunities for transformation as well as generating an ever-expanding volume of Data. This post in our big data series focuses on types of data and how they help with better decision making.

    Fun fact

  17. 18 Retail Organizations who have Transformed via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): One of our most interesting reads if you love case studies! Check out our compilation of 18 powerful use-cases of firms that leverage AI and ML to enhance their retail processes. Retail was one of the first industries to implement intelligent automation as part of their digital transformation strategies and it continues to grow and engage customers through innovation.
  18. Why ISVs and Product Companies should Partner with a Product Engineering Firm: Technology innovation is continual and has the power to revolutionize your go-to-market on many levels. A product built on a solid foundation with cutting-edge technology and a powerful user experience will position you for success. This blog highlights the importance of partnering with right product engineering firm.
  19. Improve your RPA Processes with Actionable Messages: Actionable messages are special email messages within Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams formatted in the form of Adoptive Cards containing the data that a user needs to take quick action on. This blog details how actionable messages can improve the speed and accuracy of processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Hope our thought leadership added value to your day in some way. We were grateful to our team of subject matter experts for their contributions and immense enthusiasm. We hope to publish more educational and inspiring content in 2020. Happy New Year!

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