Prazna - An Intelligent Digital Concierge for Logistics

With our lives slowly coming back to normal from the claws of the pandemic, organizations are exploring options to marry the best of both worlds to create a digital environment where people are empowered to work at any time from any location without compromising the data security of the organization or its customers.

Our idea behind the digital concierge is simple – ‘Effortlessly deliver freight data to your workforce rather than make your workforce work find it’. We understand the need for freight data to be easily available to all concerned parties, and this solution was built keeping in mind the fluid nature of workplaces today.

Watch this demo of “Prazna – an intelligent "Digital Concierge” for Logistics – to understand how this solution seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and helps teams collaborate anytime from anywhere and on any device to make intelligent decisions quickly.

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