Data Strategy Assessment – The Roadmap to Data Quality

Make External Data a Part of Data Strategy Assessment to Reap the Bigger Rewards!

Did you know that only about 3% of a company's data satisfies quality criteria while bad data can cost a company up to 12% of its entire revenue? Time to take a reality-check on your data management habits!

Business owners are understanding the need to blend external data with internal data to gain better insights into their customers, competitors, and business trends for the benefit of their organizations. However, they struggle in pinning down the erroneous, unstructured, and massive nature of external data.

That’s where a data strategy assessment comes to the rescue! It helps organizations in:

Managing the big data

Extracting valuable insights from that big data

Incorporating external data with internal data

Monitoring the flow of external data in the organization

But how can businesses pull off the data strategy assessment? In our new whitepaper, we discuss the steps crucial to conduct and implement an effective data assessment strategy:

Assembling a data team, and who will be part of this team

Enlisting the sources and use cases of external data

Leveling up businesses’ data maturity

And last but not the least,

Who should accompany you in implementing a solid data strategy assessment?

Download our whitepaper today and find out.

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