Global Energy Corporation Leverages Power BI Reports for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Embedded Power BI provides accurate actionable intelligence for terminal operations


Oil & Gas


$20+ Billion

The client is a multinational energy corporation. They supply fuel to some of the world’s largest airlines, shipping companies and power suppliers. With a widespread global network, their oversee operations include 100 storage terminals, 3,000+ retail sites, and a presence at over 80 airports. Their oil terminals and depots capture multiple operational data points adding up to humungous organizational data.

One challenge, multiple consequences

The client teams owned several terabytes of data. However, they had no way to automatically consolidate, visualize or report it. This did not help with improving operational efficiency and gave rise to multiple challenges such as –

No single source of truth

Manual, time-consuming and error-prone reporting methods and tools

Minimal visibility into oil terminal and depot operations including finance, transportation, general information, personnel, maintenance, and energy consumption

No insights to identify, analyze and curb possible hazards at oil terminals & depot


The client’s business challenges required technical upgrades and tailored solutions providing actionable intelligence through data visualization. Leveraging the client’s existing database in the Azure Ecosystem, we designed and deployed an architecture consisting of Azure SQL, Azure Active Directory, Azure Analysis Service and Power BI. It enabled pulling of data from multiple sources and generated automated custom reports. These reports would cater to all the operational departments and their individual needs. Using Embedded Power BI, automated reports were generated for multiple stakeholders, based on these specific KPIs around –

Ground Fuel Health, Safety, Environment & Community
Aviation Security Incidents Power BI Access
Exceptions Transportation

Using Power BI also enabled the workforce on terminals and depots to rectify manually entered data. The accuracy of new reports improved exponentially. Power BI became the default custom report generation tool for the client teams.


Technical benefits gained

Data Accuracy

Enhanced data ingestion capabilities achieved

A new source to enter granular data for improved accuracy

Identity and Access Management Module for role-based access to reports

Speed & Cost

Speedy data loading time without buffering

Use of Embedded Power BI minimized costs drastically

Data Visualization and Insights

Consolidated data points sourced from 142 countries and 10 different regions worldwide

Thousands of terminal/need-based custom data visualization reports generated

Detailed reports catered to diverse KPIs such as headcount, mishaps, near-misses, injuries, corrective actions and cost and duration of corrective actions

Improved data granularity achieved using various filters like terminals, region, country, etc.

Need for highly sophisticated operational reporting defined and addressed by Emtec Digital

Technologies that saved the day


Business Impact

In-depth overview, insights and analytics of terminals operations

Root cause analysis of terminal mishaps including collateral damage, type/duration/cost of maintenance

Reinforced efficient and accurate safety reporting processes

Achieved enhanced data transparency and improved co-ordination between departments

Improved terminal operations productivity with accurate data insights and rapid business decision making abilities

Better organizational governance achieved

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