Load Board Integration – Creating a Profound Value Proposition for 3PL

Third-party load board integrations are fueling increased operational efficiencies in the logistics industry

The adoption of load boards for freight matching has witnessed a steady increase over the years, with logistics companies accelerating their digital initiatives. With numerous load boards to choose from, shippers and 3PLs are challenged with the multiple technology integrations that are necessary to ensure total freight visibility and systematic management of the load lifecycle. EDI and API integrations into the Transportation Management System (TMS) require dedicated technology interventions to ensure seamless freight management.

In this whitepaper, we take you through the myriad aspects of the freight lifecycle, starting with the basics of contract and spot pricing and the importance of load boards to streamline freight matching. We also explain EDI and API integrations, with special focus on the various API integration use cases in load board digitalization. Finally, we explain the need for an experienced technology partner who can facilitate complex TMS integrations to provide 360 degree visibility into truckload freight management, enabling logistics companies to drive increased business value and profitability.

If you are looking for a primer on load boards and freight management technology, download this whitepaper today!

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