Cloud Application Development Services

Modernize applications with cloud to unlock their true potential


Cloud Development

Rise of new digitally native businesses require a new breed of applications to support the unpredictable growth. We build highly scalable cloud native applications from ground up utilizing cloud services and key tenants such as Micro Frontends, Microservices, Containers, AWS Fargate, and DevOps. At Emtec Digital, our wealth of services contributes to organizational innovation and growth.

Cloud Native Application Development

Application/Database Migrations – Lift & Shift

Application Re-engineering and Re-architecture

SaaS Application Implementation

Cloud Data Analytics

Cloud Integration

DevOps Services & Solutions

DevOps, as part of a digital transformation program, increases collaboration and development frequency. Emtec Digital helps you define and implement DevOps, via an iterative process, into an existing ecosystem to bring governance in the end-to-end CI/CD process.

Continuous Integration / Deployment

Change Management

Source Control Management

Test Automation

Release Management

Environment Provisioning

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Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Cloud solutions help with synchronization of data, which leads to better data storage and management. Business activities get accomplished faster and with better quality. With multiple functions automated, businesses gain a competitive advantage with –

Better ROI on IT investments

Structured transition from CapEx to OpEx

New digital solutions and rapid Go-to-Market strategy

Multitenancy and faster implementation of solutions

More value, services and convenience for customers

Scaled up operations at a rapid pace and enhanced security

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