Voice Assistant Solutions

Give voice to your apps

Consumer Skills

Better customer service is a powerful tool to expand your business. By incorporating voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri into your digital solutions or products, you provide another avenue for customers to interact and engage with your team. With improved communication, customers save time and walk away with a positive experience with your brand. At Emtec Digital, we provide custom voice assistant services leveraging SDKs and APIs to empower clients to embed these innovative features into their solutions. With NLP, voice assistants can help customers request information on an order, assist them with product options while shopping, help them make an appointment and more.

Multimodal Interfaces

Multi-context and Multi-channel Design

Multi-language Support

Business Skills

Voice assistants in the workplace can automate frequently conducted manual activities to improve employee productivity, efficiency and revenue. They can help save time and hassle of writing, reading and managing emails, meetings and calls. They schedule appointments, make calculations, connect calls and enable multitasking for employees. Employees can update ERP systems, track travel, device or asset data, manage expenses, to-do lists, inventories and more.

Integration with Enterprise Systems

Enterprise-grade Security

Flash Briefing Skills

Consumers use voice assistants daily or weekly to browse through calendars, read their to-do lists, schedule appointments, set engagement reminders, consume news or request weather updates. The flash briefing API enables voice assistants to fetch this data from multiple devices and provide a quick response. This helps users save time and effort of several touchpoints and multitask effectively.

Short and Informative Notifications

Helps Users Organize Time Better

Daily Rundown of Schedule, News, Weather, Social Media etc.

Simple, Convenient and Easy for Various Types of Users

Smart Home Skills

Alexa controlled devices have simplified the use and experience of domestic devices. When connected with cloud, these devices use voice commands to guess the user intent and perform actions. Consumers can control or adjust home lights, temperature, air conditioning or play music, book cabs and more. At Emtec Digital, we create digital solutions that enable domestic devices and appliances to be cloud-connected. We integrate devices with speech and text interaction capabilities to provide a seamless user experience.

Receive Desired Content with Utmost Ease

Home Appliances Integrated with Voice Assistants

Conversational Commands to Control Appliances

Highly Optimized User Experience and Device Performance

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Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Our Intelligent Automation experts take clients' unique business needs such as enhancing customer interactions, automating repetitive tasks, saving costs and effort, building a digital concierge etc. and develop powerful solutions that meet their aspirations bringing improved operational productivity.

Give voice instructions to perform searches, ping databases, and answer questions

Make transactions such as shopping, bill payments easier

Improve work productivity by saving hours of your employees

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