Digital Disruption in 3PL –

Technology Enablement Drives Supply Chain Efficiency

Optimize the Quote-to-Cash process to effectively manage vendor contracting, invoicing, and payments

The rising pressure from digitally evolved third-party logistics (3PL) players has forced traditional firms to look beyond conventional ways of conducting their business. The 3PL sector is accelerating technology adoption to revolutionize systems and processes across transportation management, freight forwarding, warehouse and inventory management, load and order management, and supply chain operations.

Growing investments in advanced technologies are creating newer horizons to help 3PLs mitigate cost and maximize ROI for increased competitive advantage. This whitepaper discusses the need for digitalization in logistics and spotlights some of the top technologies streamlining critical 3PL processes. The author further dissects the various components of the Quote-to-Cash process and how emerging technologies come together to transform the entire 3PL execution–shipment scheduling and tracking–post shipment lifecycle.

If you are wondering how technology can help you simplify your 3PL processes to gain maximum economies of scale, this is the whitepaper you should be downloading right away!

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