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RPA Process Consulting

At Emtec Digital, we enable organizations to achieve independence, speed and agility with automated business processes. We help clients right from analysis of the current state of technology to implementing the desired process automation. Leveraging the capabilities of our RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), we focus on technical investments, business goals, stakeholder expectations and more. This empowers clients with enhanced efficiency in newly automated business functions.

Develop Automation Strategy and Roadmap

Process Mapping

Analyze & Identify Potential Candidates for Automation

RPA Agile Development

At Emtec Digital, we apply the concept of 'Software Factory Model' along with agile development processes to RPA to accelerate the development of bots while keeping the cost under control. It enables us to deliver process automation to our clients while accommodating any changes that may occur in their automation priorities and processes; and revise execution plans accordingly.

Tool / Platform Evaluation

Agile-based Accelerated Bot Development

Configuration & Deployment

Hypercare Process

RPA Support

Organizational processes are ever-changing due to regulatory changes or software upgrades. Robotic Process Automation solutions require fine-tuning to address these changes over time. After RPA bots are deployed, we help clients monitor these bots and optimize & customize processes on an as-needed basis by analyzing data insights garnered through bot operations.

Ongoing Process Enhancements

RPA Tool Upgrades

Monitoring & Optimization

Process Refactoring

Managed Support

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Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Emtec Digital delivers high quality, optimized and robust automation solutions utilizing leading RPA tools and other AI technologies. Our automation solutions span the entire RPA maturity continuum, enabling us to partner with clients, at any stage they may be, to start adding value. As part of our RPA advisory, design, implementation and ongoing support services, we help businesses automate critical processes to achieve tangible positive impact.

Automation with minimal process re-engineering

Healthy ROI within a short time span

Enhanced process accuracy and speed

Improved governance and compliance

High availability and flexibility

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