Top digital bank leverages service virtualization to speed up new feature development and reduce third-party services cost

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The Digital Bank is an American Neobank built by banking veterans and technology experts. Their web and mobile applications enable customers to leverage premium banking services such as quick access to finance, high-yield savings, and automated savings tools.

To advance their product features and services, provide an enhanced digital experience, and stay ahead of the competition, the Digital Bank needed access to a plethora of API integrations.

Challenge: Complexities with third-party integrations

Like any other fintech app, the Digital Bank’s core banking system depended upon a myriad of technologies, features, and services from diverse third-party vendors. Their technical ecosystem consisted of legal compliances, data security, and banking features (data and money transfer, check bank account balance, credit requests, and more). This complex technical architecture demanded smooth collaboration between diverse service providers.

However, more players in the game meant more services, features, and integrations with individual development and deployment cycles. This carried the risk of delayed product timelines, releases, and upgrades. The unavailability of critical third-party service integrations created inherent risks in the form of -

Challenges with performance testing of banking features and services

Vendors supporting only one sandbox environment that needed to be hooked up with multiple pre-production environments

Limitations with multitenancy of vendors

Dependency on vendors during service downtime

Limited support in lower environments

Incomplete user journeys and user experience

Solution: Create new environments using service virtualization

Product development experts at Emtec Digital suggested the use of service virtualization to reduce application downtime. For existing and upcoming banking features, the Digital Bank needed access to critical APIs. Service virtualization facilitated this without halting the product development and testing process. By simulating the behaviors of unavailable or difficult–to–access components, we helped the Digital Bank reduce the increasing dependency on third-party services.

We leveraged ‘Kalpita’, our in-house service virtualization tool that allowed the creation of mock endpoints to elicit the same responses as a core banking application.

The third-party services our teams planned to simulate using service virtualization included core banking / card integration services and loan and dispute management systems. Kalpita helped mock various core banking APIs and enabled our experts to thoroughly resolve data creation related challenges such as -

Timely delivery of new features and increased testing coverage with functional testing

Cost savings and creation of multiple testing environments with performance and functional testing


Technical Benefits

Kalpita, our in-house service virtualization accelerator helped our team leverage the mock services for new feature testing. This enabled the Digital Bank to gain benefits such as -

Accelerated throughput to meet growing business needs

Rapid go-to-market of new products and services

Simplified test data setup with reuse enabled by virtual services

Reduced dependency on third-party systems and components

Reduced transaction cost of third-party services in non-production environments

Business Impact

Service virtualization simulated the behavior of core APIs, building blocks of the Digital Bank’s applications. This led to fewer bottlenecks and fast-paced feature development. Seamless API integration further created a tangible impact on the client’s business:

15%-20% time savings

10%-15% increased speed of overall product development

Enhanced product performance

Increased product confidence in the desired market

Uninterrupted digital banking experience to users

Technologies Deployed

Angular JS


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