Chatbot Services and Solutions

Modernizing customer experience through the power of Conversational AI

Rule-based Bots

Train your bot to answer user queries for better communication. The more you train, the smarter they become. A recommended approach for new users, this solution is simple to design, develop and implement. Think like your user and train the bot with synonyms and multiple ways to ask the same question. Your bot will respond efficiently with these pre-determined rules.

Persona-centric Interaction Design Process

Detailed Flow & Wireframing Design

Focus on Minimal Viable Product

Fast-paced Prototyping

Rich Adaptive Cards with Context-based Options

QnA / FAQ bots

The QnA/FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) bots are designed to answer product/service-related questions using existing structured or unstructured data. Customers can type or talk, and these bots will leverage NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the intent and respond with appropriate answers. For global corporations, these chatbots can be integrated with their website or social media platforms available 24×7.

QnA Bots

Product Recommendation Bots

FAQ Bots

Enterprise Bots

Enterprise bot solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing HCM, CRM and other systems. These bots can access and utilize data from multiple systems to provide consumers with accurate information for better business decisions. From organizational policies, payroll and taxes information, or support, enterprise chatbots will assist you.

Fast-paced Prototyping

Minimum Viable Product Focus

Bot Integrations with Enterprise Applications

Multi-channel Support

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Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Conversational bots boost the quality of communication between business assets. Integrate them with your existing applications such as MS Teams, Slack, Skype or social media platforms such as Facebook, Kik and Telegram. Custom designed bots can also integrate with your organizational HCM, ERP or CRM systems to provide quick and accurate data.

Automate business functions leveraging digital concierge services

Conduct efficient and extensive conversations with Natural Language Processing

Collect, analyze and provide accurate data from multiple sources at once to increase efficiency and improve current processes

Save dollars and man hours by tending to multiple users at once

Ensure business continuity with 24×7 availability and no manual assistance required