Generative AI & GPT augments Intelligent Document Processing

Ever thought about the ways Generative AI-powered IDP can elevate customer experiences and employee productivity?

Typical loads in Transportation and Logistics deal with four to six documents on average. Organizing, validating, and maintaining these documents manually is a highly laborious task. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) powered by Generative AI is the key to unlocking unstructured data's true potential.

Generative AI, especially LLMs like GPT can empower IDP and bring additional capabilities and value to the document processing workflow. Here are some ways we can augment IDP with Generative AI:

Error correction and data validation

Document classification

Natural language generation

Contextual document analysis

Document summarization & much more

Explore Generative AI’s further capabilities, benefits, real use cases and the transformative impact it brings to Transportation and Logistics in this blog - Transforming Logistics: How Generative AI & GPT augments Intelligent Document Processing

For extensive information on how ChatGPT, GPT and Generative AI can revolutionize your business, download our whitepaper.

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