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Organizational recruitment processes have jumped on the digital bandwagon with the adoption of modern technologies, but there is still a long way to go. Time-consuming and repetitive tasks hinder the goal of exceptional client experience. Optimized techniques can increase accuracy and reduce bias in the recruiting procedure. Learn how Emtec Digital leveraged RPA to enable a real estate leader to automate their recruitment process and help them save time and effort.

About the Customer

Our client is one of the world’s largest commercial real estate services firms headquartered in the US with offices spread across the globe. The client is primarily engaged in the provision of asset services, agency leasing, investment management, facility services, tenant representation, and valuation and advisory services for real estate owners and occupiers.

Business Need

The client was already using a talent management platform, but that was quite complex and time-consuming as it couldn’t keep up the pace with talent requirement requests coming from their various offices.

Number of applications processed through the native HR application system: ~95%

Number of recruiters involved in reviewing requisitions: 80+

Candidate application processing time: ~12,500 hours


Due to the traditional talent acquisition process, the client faced several challenges, including:

Complex platform navigation necessitates multiple user-induced actions

Limited platform functionality with respect to applicant tracking

Time-consuming process of scrutinizing unqualified and irrelevant profiles

The client wanted to streamline this process to ensure that the right talent was onboarded for the right business unit within the shortest possible time.

Our Solution

Emtec Digital worked closely with the process consulting partner to automate the client’s recruitment process for optimized onboarding. Following an evaluation of the current setup, we decided to implement an RPA solution to transform the talent management process.

They wished to utilize their existing native HR application system and software more effectively with added automation to sift through applications received and identify potential candidates for the roles posted. We were further tasked with generating a curated list of the top qualifying applicants based on specific role parameters to reduce time spent reviewing unqualified resumes.

The Emtec Digital team implemented a robotic process automation (RPA) solution to streamline the complete recruitment process and optimize time spent screening potential candidates.

Automating this crucial talent management process helped the client save valuable time identifying and screening resumes to onboard the right resources quickly. Manual work was reduced to the minimum as multiple bots completed application screening work, including reviewing metadata of all new applicants, validating minimum requirements based on job descriptions, and evaluating applicants against pre-defined criteria.

Complex platform navigation necessitates multiple user-induced actions

Limited platform functionality with respect to applicant tracking

Time-consuming process of scrutinizing unqualified and irrelevant profiles

A Valuable Difference

Average application handling time reduced to less than one minute

Unique Differentiators

More than 250,000 resumes processed annually

~650 hours saved in 2021

About 13000 candidates screened in 2021

Existing Manual Process

Old manual process diagram

Fully Automated Process Using Bots

Fully automated process diagram

Business Impact

Faster shortlisting of the right candidate profiles for various roles

Streamlined application processing

Rapid resume screening and candidate evaluation

Technologies deployed


Applications used


Do you see similar issues in your recruitment process? If yes, RPA is all you need!

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