Enterprise AI Chatbot for Human Resource Services

Employees require access to multiple enterprise applications to perform daily tasks like updating their time sheets, submitting expenses, requesting vacation or leaves, accessing organizational policies, reviewing project dashboards and more. Human capital management (HCM) leaders understand that helping employees with these tasks can take a lot of time out of their day; time which is better utilized for important strategic HR activities.

This video shows how conversational bots can be used for employee self service to help them find and execute these tasks through a simple chat interface which can be easily integrated with existing enterprise collaboration applications. These interactive and smart bots can reply to simple questions, whether you type or ask in natural language.

At Emtec Digital, we offer a wide array of chatbot development services https://www.emtec.digital/what-we-do/intelligent-automation/chatbot-solutions/ for human resources management teams aimed at simplifying HR case management and other similar tasks.

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