Smart chatbots within Facebook Messenger to improve user connect

A global personal care products manufacturer and supplier shifts to social media chatbot for enhanced customer experience


Personal Products


$1 – $10 Billion



The client’s challenge began when

The end client is a manufacturer and supplier of personal care products, backed by 100+ years of research. They wanted to increase the number of communication channels to extend the way they interacted with their prospects and clients.

Needed to move from traditional ways of marketing to digital ways

Low conversions as prospects couldn’t identify suitable products

Wanted to enhance interaction with the prospects on social media

Sales were being affected as prospects couldn’t quickly find out closest store and availability

That’s when Emtec Digital came into the picture

Emtec Digital’s Intelligent Automation Team had extensive interactions with the end client’s agency to understand their requirements, business scenarios and processes.

Emtec Digital developed a linear conversational chatbot integrated into Facebook Messenger, providing an immersive retail experience. Our team worked with the end client’s agency to analyze all the probable questions that may be asked by consumers. Today, the bot can have conversations just like humans with NLP (Natural Language Processing).  Amongst the multiple questions, the bot asks relevant, detailed questions about their condition(s). After analyzing the answers, the bot recommends the most appropriate product. It can also direct the user to a specific product page on the client website which could be followed by the online purchase process.