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Global socio-economic events determine the nature of employee interactions across corporations. The business techniques of today might become obsolete in a few years, months, or even days. For instance, some employees might believe that face-to-face interactions are the best form of communication, while others might be more interested in digital resources like conversational bots. Therefore, forward-thinking leaders must keep an eye on emerging trends to enhance the digital employee experience in the workplace.

Read how Emtec Digital helped a client simplify employee engagement for Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) and other applications by deploying an AI-enabled chatbot.

About the Customer

Our client is a digital IT consultant with over two decades of experience. They help global organizations with digital transformation services by employing the latest enterprise technologies.

Business Need

The rapid evolution in technology impacts business trends and witness fluctuations in market and customer expectations. With growing marketing automation, data, and artificial intelligence, the quality and quantity of technology personalization has reached individual preferences. Keeping all such trends in mind, our client wanted to automate HR functions and simplify their employee experience for Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) and other applications as part of their employee engagement. This would help them overcome challenges like:

Manual human resource process increasing administrative cost

Limited access to HR-related information

Reduce the chances of human error and save time

Limitations on device compatibility and accessibility

Multiple backend systems to perform simple tasks

Complex navigations & UI metaphor of each application

Our Solution

Emtec Digital analyzed the client’s existing setup of the Global IT leader. Upon thorough analysis, our experts decided to build an AI-based conversational bot to solve existing challenges.

The chatbot can now communicate with several employees at a time and ask them pre-defined questions. The human resource process is automated as a conversational bot answers employees’ queries much faster and guides them with practical tips and tricks by identifying the employee’s intent.

Today, it handles several employee engagement touchpoints, including Oracle HCM, Microsoft Bot Framework, and LUIS. Using MS Teams, the team collaborator tool, as its delivery channel, it provides the robust security & compliance features of MS Teams. Employees can type questions in natural language and receive responses in intuitive adopting card formats.

This conversational bot utilizes APIs exposed by the software vendors and leverages RPA for actions that do not have direct API. Furthermore, the chatbot can be easily integrated with platforms like MS Teams, Slack, Direct line, Web Apps, and other messaging platforms.

Overall, conversational bots help both, i.e., employers and employees to solve their engagement problems.

Functions Automated

Employee Handbook / HR Policies (SharePoint/File)

Employee Benefits (SharePoint/File)

Expenses & Reimbursements (Oracle HCM)

Manage Absence Records (Oracle HCM)

Leave Information (Oracle HCM)

Submit Timecards (Oracle HCM)

Track Project assignments & status (Oracle HCM)

Holidays (SharePoint)

Team Information (Microsoft Graph API)

Push Reminders (Office 365)

Approvals (Office 365)

Track Resource Utilization (3rd Party APIs)

Organization/Team Updates (SharePoint/Office 365/Graph)

A Valuable Difference


It became highly convenient for employees to accomplish HR-related activities from anywhere by interacting with the conversational bot through any device and at any time.

The office productivity chatbot provides binary, relevant & direct answers to every question the employees ask and simplifies tasks.


By integrating with MS Teams and similar platforms, the digital assistant saves time, effort, and cost of development & ensures faster product rollout

Unique Differentiators

Low-to-no scope for errors in document classification, and validation process

Superior digital platform performance

More visibility and accountability

Business Impact

32% hike in employee interactions with the HCM

Office productivity chatbot helps the organization save 67 hours/week in a timesheet, holiday, leaves-related activity

With a conversational bot, 81% of employees found the interactions productive & timesaving with a chatbot

The number of HCM support requests reached a negligible level

The data received and stored in the HCM is real-time and accurate

Technologies that saved the day


Make swift with transactional to strategic HR with Emtec Digital chatbot integration.

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