Personalized Digital Concierge Enhances Employee Experience & Productivity




$120 Million

Modernization leads to future challenges

IT organizations are automating more HR functions than ever. Though application modernization has streamlined the processes and created an atmosphere of trust, employees now have to deal with –

Multiple backend systems to perform simple tasks

Manual submission of leaves, expenses, timesheets

Login to multiple backend systems

Complex navigations & UI metaphor of each application

This leads to-

Unproductive hours

Process delays in the overall process

Limitations on device compatibility and accessibility

One of our clients wanted to simplify this employee experience for Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) and other applications used as part of employee engagement. They felt that a more straightforward & simpler interface will also increase adaption and reduce the cost of support.

Thinking out of the box

Emtec Digital team built an AI-Powered conversational bot. Today, it handles several employee engagement touchpoints at once including Oracle HCM, Microsoft Bot Framework, LUIS, and others. Using MS Teams, the team collaborator tool as its delivery channel, it provides the robust security & compliance features of MS Teams. Employees can type questions in natural language and receive responses in intuitive adopting card formats.

For individuals and groups, it even enables complex queries like obtaining specific types of pending leaves records for a certain period. This conversational bot utilizes APIs exposed by the software vendors and leverage RPA for actions that do not have direct API.

By identifying the employee’s intent, the conversational bot provides a shortcut to the task at hand and reduces the number of steps involved, and also the duration and effort to finish it. To deliver personalized & location-specific relevant answers to the employees, it uses user location data from Microsoft Graph.

This digital concierge applies logic to pre-populate the data based on earlier actions performed by the user and minimizes the overall effort of entering data. Taking advantage of the Teams mobile, Desktop & Web applications, user’s can perform these tasks from anywhere on any device at any time without comprising the security or compliance. Not just MS Teams, it can be integrated with other channels like Slack, Web Apps, Direct line and other messaging platforms as well.

Functions Automated

Employee Handbook / HR Policies (SharePoint/File)

Employee Benefits (SharePoint/File)

Expenses & Reimbursements (Oracle HCM)

Manage Absence Records (Oracle HCM)

Leave Information (Oracle HCM)

Submit Timecards (Oracle HCM)

Track Project assignments & status (Oracle HCM)

Holidays (SharePoint)

Team Information (Microsoft Graph API)

Push Reminders (Office 365)

Approvals (Office 365)

Track Resource Utilization (3rd Party APIs)

Organization/Team Updates (SharePoint/Office 365/Graph)

The Benefits and Results Arrived


It became extremely convenient for employees to interact with the conversational bot and accomplish HR-related activities from anywhere, using any device and at any time

Be it any question, the bot provides binary, relevant & direct answers and simplifies tasks

Project Heads can now easily access dashboards and get consolidated project data


By integrating with MS Teams and similar platforms, the digital assistant saves time, effort and cost of development & ensures faster product rollout

It saves employee time by automating manual tasks

The Chatbot Proved to be Impactful

It witnessed a 32% hike in employee interactions with the HCM

The organization now saves 67 hours per week, in timesheet, holiday, leaves related activity

81% employees who installed the Chatbot found the interactions productive & timesaving

The number of HCM support requests reached to a negligible level

The data received and stored in the HCM is on-time and accurate

Technologies that saved the day


Want simplified and automated experience for your teams?

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