Custom App Development Services

Boost productivity for legacy applications with software customization and modernization


Cloud Native Application Development

The rise of new digitally native businesses demands new breed of applications to support the unpredictable growth. We build highly scalable cloud native applications from ground up utilizing cloud services and key tenants such as Micro Frontends, Microservices, Containers and DevOps.

Applications Using Serverless Infrastructure

Applications Utilizing Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Legacy Application Integration

Ambitious businesses need focus, speed, space and a robust foundation to build and grow their operations. While legacy applications restrict operational efficiency, modernizing them produces new digital capabilities. At Emtec Digital, we provide robust digital solutions leveraging open source frameworks and platfoms as applicable, based on your individual business goals, budgets and environment. This helps ensure the new apps integrate seamlessly in your environment and provide the desired results. For organizations struggling with business continuity, software modernization and re-engineering boosts productivity and efficiency of existing technical investments.

Customize Software

Integrate Apps

Update Frameworks

Migrate Monolithic Apps to Microservices Architecture

Migrate Monolithic UI to Micro Frontend Design

Application Re-engineering

Like application modernization, the goal of application re-engineering is to identify areas of improvement and inject them with the necessary technical features. These modern solutions help resolve unique business challenges or create new opportunities.

Evolving Frameworks

Proven Re-engineering Methodology

Application Maintenance and Support

Without regular technical upgrades, digital solutions can ultimately hinder organizational progress. Just like our cars, software solutions also require maintenance to keep them running well. With maintenance and support, we ensure your technical investment continues to reap benefits in the form of automating manual tasks and reducing man hours for business-critical activities. Our software quality experts test your applications for every functionality and provide opportunities to make them run better and faster.

Regular App Maintenance

Application Performance Tuning

App Updates

This Is How We Create Success Stories

The goal of custom application development is to design software that provides maximum value to the client. For business goals such as improved or speedier operations, an agile mindset is required. Our engineers have developed an agile software development methodology that enables rapid deployment of functionalities and faster go-to-market. A quick quality test and real-time customer feedback helps us build effective products in less time.


Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Custom application development comes with major benefits. Our software developers follow an Adaptive Digital Transformation (ADT) methodology to ensure that all implementation challenges are identified and resolved while strategizing new solutions. With minimal risk at bay, clients can leverage further benefits of ADT for increased app engagement, simplified and automated tasks and better customer service.

Modernize existing investments

Efficiency in operations with additional features, software upgrades and performance

Easy to scale platform, solution features and business abilities with modern applications

Lower integration costs with product modernization and re-engineering

Increased business profitability with lower maintenance costs on new and existing digital solutions

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