Custom Application Development Services

Build applications that your users will love, with empathy-led software engineering

Modern application development aims at a 360-degree value proposition that surpasses the conventional processes of application design, production, and consumption. At Emtec Digital, we build applications that deliver phenomenal user experiences and exponential value to your bottom line. We understand and focus on the typical user journey and map it to your core business needs. This helps us adopt an empathetic development approach keeping in mind your existing business ecosystem, technology and people investments, and current resource capabilities.

Our customized approach is further enriched with empathy-led software engineering

Area of application development Conventional method Empathy-led development method
Project initiation Discuss budget, size, and technology Understand business intentions and user expectations
Technology selection Cheapest and most readily available Based on a thorough analysis of existing skills, investments, business environment, and future-readiness
Requirements definition Project owners, business analysts End-user demographics including a detailed user behavior analysis
Outcome Tactical solutions for short-term gains Technically sustainable solutions that ensure seamless legacy integration, emotional user connection, and value generation
Time & effort involved Reduced during project initiation and development, concentrated during maintenance, support, and upgrades for technical issues and incompatibility Concentrated during project kickoff and minimized during application integration, maintenance, support, and upgrade for technical sustainability

Application Development

We help clients build custom applications leveraging our multidisciplinary engineering team adept in best of breed, full-stack technologies underpinned by Agile and DevOps methodologies. For quick POCs and a rapid market rollout, our teams ensure early resolution of bugs during software development.

New Product Strategy & MVP Rollout

New and Revamped Feature and Functionality Enhancements 

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Style Framework

Negative Testing and Shift Left Test Automation

Application Maintenance and Support

We offer application maintenance and support services using leading tools, plugins, and third-party integrations. Our product teams deliver disruptive digital solutions equipped with built-in intelligent analytics to drive maximum business value.

Regular Application Maintenance

Application Performance Tuning

Application Updates

Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing

Bug Tracking and Reporting

Application Modernization

Emerging market conditions force organizations to carry a baggage of heavy technical investments with diminishing ROI. We ensure maximum application sustainability by injecting modern technologies and tools into legacy systems for feature/functionality enhancements. These modernized products solve unique business challenges with agility to help organizations realize their true market potential.

Software Re-engineering

Application / Platform Migration and Upgrades

Evolving Frameworks

Proven Re-engineering Methodology

Legacy Application Integration

Our robust digital solutions leverage open-source frameworks and platforms that allow new applications to integrate seamlessly with the existing environment. Organizations who are struggling with business continuity benefit from our application integration expertise to extract maximum value from their existing technology investments.

Customize Software

Integrate Applications

Updated Frameworks

Migration of Monolithic Applications to Microservices Architecture

Migration of Monolithic UI to Micro Frontend Design

Create Digitally Mature Products with Emtec Digital’s End-to-end Technology Services

In our two-decade long experience working with a varied technology stack, we have addressed the digital needs of a diverse clientele spanning the globe. The longstanding trust in all our client partnerships has helped us build data-centric digital solutions underpinned by a robust technology roadmap that factors in market trends, needs, and wants.

Modernized technology investments with added features, functions, UI, UX, and backend analytics

Future-ready products to adapt and sustain evolving economies

Enhanced technical efficiencies with our cloud-native, data/analytics-based solutions and AI-driven bots

Added business capabilities with innovative, easy-to-scale platforms and solution enhancements

Lower integration costs with product modernization and re-engineering

Increased business profitability with lower maintenance costs

Technologies that saved the day


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