Process Mining Solutions

Speed up process innovation using data-driven insights


Business Process Assessment

Organizations with complex business processes often need process mining tools. These tools analyze data from IT logs to present recommended process models. However, there are other emerging methods based on visual inspection. Irrespective of the technique, process mining will factually detect processes suffering from delays, deviations, or compliances much faster and accurately than other known approaches.

At Emtec Digital, our Process Mining experts assess your organizational process and define it, with every log and instance between start and finish. This helps attain visibility over processes and identify any challenges. For operational excellence, this assessment is key to spot areas for improvement and develop appropriate digital solutions around it.

Process Mining Solutions

After a detailed process assessment comes the strategy phase. It includes an understanding and review of the process environment and development of solutions to realize clients’ business needs. Our solution experts help build solutions that take into consideration client budget, technical systems and environment. These custom solutions empower clients with increased process performance, reduced manual labor, automated tasks and significant cost savings.

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Business Impact With Emtec Digital

New challenges and areas of improvement will inevitably arise with changing business environments. Opportunities will emerge for enhancing operational efficiency and adapting to new technologies for powerful benefits with process mining. With Emtec Digital’s process mining solutions you can –

Discover, analyze and monitor processes in a non-intrusive manner

Understand process defects in any enterprise software

Transform your business with industry best practices

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