Continuous Testing for Accelerated Software Development

Achieve efficient testing, faster releases, cost savings, and much more

Are you reaping all the benefits that Continuous Testing has to offer?

In this whitepaper, we explore continuous testing, a significant component of the continuous delivery practice. We discuss the need for continuous testing, various test automation frameworks, challenges in setting up frameworks, and the viability of a test automation model. Finally, we leave you with the next steps essential to accelerate your CI/CD pipeline.

Download today to learn key concepts around continuous testing such as –

How continuous testing helps uncover and fix unexpected behaviors as soon as they are identified in the SDLC

How continuous testing enables all team members to contribute towards test creation and enhances collaboration between three key players- software developers, quality assurance teams, and business analysts

How to implement continuous testing in your organization, by transforming a “Center of Excellence” CoE into a “Center of Enablement” CoE

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