Emtec Announces the Launch of OptimateIQ, an Automation-as-a-Service Platform for the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

The new platform is designed to support and enhance a myriad of supply chain processes.

Jacksonville, FL, November 6, 2023 — Emtec Digital, a subsidiary of Emtec Inc. and a leading technology transformation partner for the global Supply Chain and Logistics industry, is delighted to announce the launch of the OptimateIQ platform. OptimateIQ ensures seamless collaboration between Knowledge and Digital workers that helps T&L leaders boost efficiency and achieve a higher ROI. As a fully managed end-end cloud-based platform, OptimateIQ offers productivity enhancement services, namely, Automation-as-a-Service, Copilot, and Conversation-as-a-Service.

OptimateIQ is designed to support and enhance a myriad of supply chain processes like appointment scheduling, TL & LTL spot quoting and load-board posting, carrier onboarding and compliance, and more. Emtec Digital stands out from other service providers by exclusively developing, hosting, monitoring, and maintaining the workflows, making the service offering unique.

Sunil Misra, CEO and President of Emtec said, “With OptimateIQ, we aim to make automation, at a higher scale, accessible to everyone. It is possible because we own the infrastructure ourselves, and our pay-as-you-consume model requires no capital investments from our customers. Furthermore, our built-in support for several data and software service providers makes it an easy platform for integration. I believe the platform will help facilitate logistics operations with increased productivity in a highly cost-effective manner.

OptimateIQ is set to make its debut demo at the Freight Waves Future of Freight Festival Event in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on November 8, 2023. During the event, Sreenivas Vemulapalli (Sreeni), AVP at Emtec Digital, will demonstrate OptimateIQ Copilot’s extensive features that combine human intuition with AI capabilities to enable faster, more personalized, and proactive email management.

Sachin GhaisasManaging Partner, Emtec Digital and Head of Global Delivery, Emtec, said, “In our pilot program, we observed that OptimateIQ can automate up to 90% of everyday manual tasks in supply chain and logistics operations. This is significant in lowering labor costs, enhancing employee well-being, and adding time for value-generating activities. The platform is fully scalable for seasonal business requirements. With OptimateIQ, we have created a harmonious blend of human brilliance and digital precision in our pursuit to build a platform that propels team productivity to newer levels.

OptimateIQ’s integration with email platforms like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, leveraging Generative AI, helps with insights for better decision-making. Its zero-implementation cost and minimal setup time with no-touch and easily configurable workflows make it easy to get up and running quickly to start streamlining T&L operations.

To learn more about the OptimateIQ platform, visit: https://www.optimateiq.ai/

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