Robotic Operations Center Services

Scale your RPA initiatives to fulfill automation goals

ROC Overview

Almost all industries are adopting process automation expecting a similar outcome- automated and error-free business processes. However, even with the same goal, each enterprise faces unique challenges. That’s where we, as Emtec Digital come into picture. Through our managed ROC Services, we address automation challenges and amplify RPA adoption. We offer a wide spectrum of ROC services to help enterprises realize their process automation goals. ROC helps save manual efforts involved in daily repetitive business processes, cuts costs and makes them error-free. It also enhances bot maintenance to ensure success for every function of an organization.


Bot Deployment

The first step in ROC implementation is the deployment of process bots. It begins with an analysis of the current environment and deploying custom bots. To deploy conducive bots, we consider every unique business environment and enable the best coding standards, practices, and security every step of the way.

Deployment of bots to staging & production environments

Run security scans

Change Management

Update configuration settings as required

Run smoke tests to validate the bot functionality

Rollback when needed

Bot Monitoring

Our 24/7 RPA bot monitoring keeps a check on consistent bot performance. The RPA bot metrics make sure that no glitch or anomaly goes unnoticed. Bot reports and insights coupled with performance logs help us conduct timely root cause analysis. We then follow it with accurate troubleshooting to avoid bot failure and bottlenecks and ensure uninterrupted process automation.

Proactive monitoring of bot execution & performance

Capacity Management

Bot Support (L1 & L2 Services)

We support bot performance upkeep and process throughout. Our ROC teams oversee production support and enable troubleshooting for bots.

Troubleshoot issues based on playbooks

Co-ordinate with development teams & external vendors for resolution

Provide logs and other artifacts for RCA

Bot Optimization and Maintenance

After bot deployment, monitoring and support, the maintenance and optimization is conducted. Leveraging the metrics, reports and logs we oversee bot performance. Our automation engineers address bugs and troubleshoot them with the right optimization technique. Any additional bot development and testing are also carried out.

Address fixes for minor bugs

Address performance improvements

Apply minor fixes to address any changes in the applications under automation

Help with version upgrades

Bot Reporting

With consistent monitoring, maintenance and reporting, our ROC services align bot performance with business goals. The periodically generated reports, we log bot metrics, troubleshooting events, bot rejections and its reasons, bot enhancements and throughput.

Daily, Weekly & Quarterly reports with key metrics

Service Level reports

Business Analytics reports

Capacity Metrics reports

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