Artificial Intelligence Services and Solutions

AI and ML powered smart processes to improve accuracy and efficiency

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP plays a key role in this AI-powered age where bots are replacing manual effort by automating repetitive tasks in organizations. With its skills and knowledge of linguistics, NLP helps bots decipher user intent and sentiment to respond accordingly. Be it for website, social media chat or user feedback, it is essential for bots to understand text and/or voice to deliver quality communications while saving the time, effort and cost associated with human interaction.

Sentiment Analysis

Semantic Analysis

Speech to Text Conversion

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

It is a challenge for organizations to capture and extract data consisting of images and text. OCR enables automatic scanning, identification and processing of this heterogenous data. To recognize certain characters from images or ‘read’ hard-to-read images, OCR empowers teams with abilities to identify, store and extract them as required.

Data Capture and Management

Data Scanning, Extraction and Processing

Intelligent Document Analysis

Data capture, storage, processing and deriving real value from it is a challenge for most organizations. Adding in unstructured data, this is no less than a nightmare. Intelligent document analysis helps identify and extract specific data using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We, at Emtec Digital train our tools and machines with in-depth language study, and then supplement with commonly used expressions, phrases and text & voice elements to conduct the entire process better and faster. Our Intelligent Document Analysis solutions also alert the system and its users in terms of incomplete data with smart analysis of documents.

Document Classification

Document Scanning

Document Search

Cloud-based Document Storage

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive analytics enables process-oriented and asset-heavy organizations to derive smart insights from their systems. By providing data on upcoming system failures, shortcomings and necessary maintenance, it enables organizations to better prepare for impending challenges and resolve them before they become an issue. Predictive analytics has the power to reduce system downtime, minimize the cost of damage and effort of system repair.

Our prescriptive analytics experts empower organizations to minimize their cost of failure by prescribing the right technology. Machine Learning tools capture machine data that helps identify failure root cause and improve accuracy of technical solutions.

Data Science and Programming

Descriptive and Diagnostic Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Failure Detection and Progression Analysis

Asset Condition Monitoring

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Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Smart machines help businesses get better, faster and smarter. The right technical guidance aligned to your business needs will empower your organization to fulfill its goals. At Emtec Digital, our Artificial Intelligence solution experts help build intelligent organizations by helping you –

Leverage data to build decision-driven insights

Improve accuracy

Make machines smarter and boost operational efficiency

Save manual labor, time and cost

Improve user experience using smart machines and bots

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