Machine Learning Services

AI-driven data analytics for intelligent automation of your business


Data Learning Services

With smarter machines emerge neural networks mimicking human brains. It is important to train machines to be able to perform human-like tasks. Emtec Digital's deep learning services help implement models that automate manual tasks. These models enable machines to perform tasks without human intervention, support or supervision. Organizations naturally benefit by saving time and effort. With machines performing independently, there are even more advantages of cost, speed, stability and flexibility in organizational processes.

Historical Data Analysis

Computer Vision

Anomaly Detection

Supervised/Unsupervised Learning

AI-Driven Data Analytics

Modern business problems need innovative solutions that are often found in technology. To boost process accuracy in decision making, BI tools help organizations visualize data, gain better overall visibility, and find key areas for improvement. In the case of incomplete data, missing data fields can be highlighted with AI-driven analytics.

Data Reservoirs

Custom Dashboards

Intelligent and Cognitive Systems

Predictive Analytics and Maintenance

At Emtec Digital, our ML experts help organizations leverage historical data to predict asset health, potential failure and downtime. These predictions, coupled with ML algorithms, create patterns and help extend asset life and maximize uptime by enhancing asset productivity and throughput. By predicting avoidable and unexpected failures, organizations save asset repair and maintenance costs, improving operational productivity and revenue.

Custom Models to Predict Failures

Algorithm-based Patterns

Asset Health Visualization

This Is How We Create Success Stories


Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Data-driven organizations have a higher possibility of success due to the authenticity and reliability of their data sources. At Emtec Digital, clients leverage our Machine Learning expertise to train their assets, conduct gap analysis in their business processes, and capitalize on lucrative operational opportunities. They experience time, effort and cost benefits by –

Predicting failures to initiate preventive measures

Personalizing the customer journey for better outcomes

Gaining efficiencies of processes and labor

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