End-to-end Software Engineering Services Help Varo Bank Drive Financial Inclusivity and Resilience




Privately Held

The first consumer FinTech startup to obtain a national bank charter

The client is Varo Bank – a leading neobank in the US. With a full-fledged banking license obtained within five years of incorporation, Varo hopes to expand its portfolio of financial offerings across deposits, payments, and consumer credit products, with rich customer interaction platforms.

The need to quickly and efficiently process millions of financial transactions daily

Varo has been at the forefront of FinTech innovation since inception, with the primary objective of providing cutting-edge, innovative banking solutions. Being a digital-only bank with no physical branches, Varo’s primary mandate was to build an innovative cloud banking platform to offer superior financial experiences to customers. The Varo leadership was aware of Emtec Digital’s engineering expertise and technology trust from an earlier association. Our team quickly ramped up to support Varo’s cloud mobile platform development initiatives, providing outsourced product engineering services with a mix of onshore and offshore technical resources.

A phased implementation approach

Emtec Digital began the engagement by taking development leadership over Varo’s version 1 mobile application, enabling their engineering team to focus on designing the cloud banking platform. The project had a tight timeline, so we quickly ramped up our team of 60 engineers with the required technology expertise. The knowledge transition was completed in a record time frame of eight weeks. The Emtec Digital team successfully transitioned Varo’s version 1 application with more than 1 million subscribers within three months. Emtec Digital is proud to be a critical partner in ensuring a superior customer experience by helping Varo build a user-friendly cloud platform that guarantees hassle-free banking.

Third party platform service integration

Our adaptive technology approach helped free up most of Varo’s critical engineering resources to work on building next-gen “plug and play” architecture that incorporates emerging technologies to create a resilient app experience. As a result of our efforts, Varo Bank went live in record time and our global engineering team continues to work closely with the Varo team to ensure quality delivery of banking products to their customers.


Enhanced business benefits

Emtec Digital’s continued support helped Varo realize their primary vision – to provide a better banking experience to millions of people in the US. By entrusting platform engineering services to us, Varo was able to –

Introduce new, innovative products and regular feature enhancements

Simplify back office operations through automation

Reduce operational costs

Scale rapidly to meet evolving customer needs

Offer a diversified service portfolio at optimal costs

Ensure statutory and regulatory compliance

Are you a banking institution standing at the cusp of technology adoption and product innovation? Emtec Digital can help you achieve your business objectives by advancing your technology goals. Contact us to know more.

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