AI enabled conversational chatbot to eliminate digital silos

An omni-channel experience for your employees

Are the enterprise applications too complex for your employees? While working with various systems of records, employees need to navigate through multiple application screens, use different devices as required, install applications on each device. And even then, they can perform only one task at a time.

Not anymore! AI enabled chatbots are easy to use, conversational and integrate seamlessly with multiple enterprise applications and systems.

Enterprise Digital Concierge: Boost Productivity and Enhance Experience


Context-based adaptive cards

NLP-based conversations

Seamless integration with enterprise systems

Elimination of digital silos


On demand scalability

Reduced workload on employees


Enterprise level security

Improved accuracy and speed

Emtec Digital AI Chatbot Expertise

Our experts leverage new age technology to empower organizations with intelligent automation. We design and deploy best chatbot softwares for diverse industries and global clients. Using these chatbots, employees perform a myriad of organizational tasks across multiple systems, numerous applications (MS Teams, Slack, Skype) and social media platforms (Facebook, Kik and Telegram). Our custom chatbot services expertise encompasses MS Bot Framework, Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex and others.

• Enterprise bots

• QnA/FAQ bots

• Rule-based bots

• Product Recommendation bots

Watch a Conversational Bot in Action

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